Monday, May 31, 2010

The Nerd in Me

A couple months ago I did something really nerdy. I was playing around with Polyvore and I desperately needed inspiration. So what do I do? Of course. I make a Polyvore based off my favorite books. Do you see the dorkiness now?

I didn't post about it and I don't remember exactly why but I'm doing it now. The first one I did was Pride and Prejudice. I adore this book and the movie with Keira Knightley was magnificent. :) Sigh. Mr. Darcy is my dream guy. He's just so adorably cute!

I absolutely love the part when he's in the meadow and Mr. Darcy says, "You have bewitched me body and soul." Oh. My. Gosh. If any guy said that to me I'm pretty sure I would swoon and I promise you, I'm not a swooning type of lady. :)

And random side note but the musical score to this movie is amazing as well. I have Darcy's Letter and Liz On Top of the World on my iTunes. So romantic. So nerdy.

I sound like such a nerd but there's no point hiding it. I'm a nerdy fashionista. What are you? Comment below! I mean are you two seeming opposites that come together to make a super unique, fabulous woman? Or man?

Okay, well here's the Polyvore. It's not a strict interpretation but more of a collection of pieces that I think a modern Lizzie Bennett might wear. Click here to get specific info on each piece in the set.

 Sigh. Tomorrow I have to go to school. Yuck! But each day is one day closer to summer--a.k.a. ultimate freedom! I can almost taste the summer breeze.

I realized today that I have over 400 followers! Isn't that insane? I'm so excited. :) I'm thinking I might do a giveaway in the near future but I haven't decided what I'm going to giveaway yet. Hmm...decisions, decisions.

This is kind of random but are there words that you find just super annoying and hard to spell? I don't know what it is but the word decision bugs me. Every time I write it I have to use spell check because I never spell it right. I don't know what it is. Its just that word too. I don't know. Its weird.

Please comment below and tell me I'm not alone out there. But then again...maybe I am. Oh, no! The horror! :) Bye!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wonderfully Wu

I still think Jason Wu is a genius and here is yet another post in honor of his brilliance! Click here to see my first one. I know I just recently posted about him but I decided I'd do it again. One: because I have to keep writing my essay and I needed something beautiful to look at. And two: because I just wanted to. :)

Doesn't Kerry look amazing? I love the color of her dress. The entire thing looks stunning on her.

Kerry Washington at 38th Annual Legislative Conference. Wearing Floor Sweeping
Jason Wu Dress and Multi-Strand Movado Necklace.

Camilla Belle at CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund. Wearing Jason Wu Dress, Chiain
Fringed Tote, and Gray Pumps.

Amber Valletta at the Premotion Premiere. Wearing Jason Wu Dress, Yves
Saint Laurent Clutch and Shoes.

Just got back from watching As You Like It  performed by my school's drama department. It was the best play I've gone to see in a long time. :) I laughed. A lot. The girl who played Rosalind was hilarious. Sooo funny. :)

It was a long day yesterday, I'd also played tennis. The school I went to had nine courts. Nine courts!! I'm so jealous right now. I can only imagine what my tennis team could do with nine tennis courts. :) Oh, well. I guess we'll just have to stick with our four.  

 My mom bought me the Nars 15th Anniversary Everlasting Love Pallete for Christmas. I know that was ages ago but she just found it in a box when we were cleaning. It has Orgasm in it. And you guys might know that I'm in love with that stuff. :)
What is your blush at the moment? Any suggestions? Please comment below. And then Follow! :D

Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Hudson River

Guess what I learned today? I learned that I can watch the Style Network on TV. How cool is that? For some reason I never knew this. I used to have to watch Giuliana and Bill on OnDemand. But now I don't have to do that! I'm kind of excited. :) Can you tell?
I just watched Bride Wars and it was okay but it was no Raising Helen or How to Lose A Guy in Ten Days. It was cute. But it was one of those things that you just watch once and that's enough. Despite this fact I still think Kate is amazing.

Anyway, Kate Hudson is so pretty. I was just reading through the Harper's Bazaar website, as I am prone to do when I have nothing better to do and there's nothing on TV, and I found the pictures from Kate Hudson's April cover. It was a while ago but I still think its gorgeous! :D

Click here to see the full interview with Ms. Hudson and click here to see the rest of the pictures from her photoshoot. I could only use so many! :)

I am totally loving her Burberry Prorsum trench in the second picture. Some of you might know of my total obsession with anything and everything Burberry Prorsum. :) This brand just makes me so happy. I love it.

What is your favorite brand? Even if you know that you could never buy anything from that brand. Please comment, I want to know. :)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Shopping in Florida

I don't know if this can really be considered a haul because its only three things but I decided to do it anyway. :) Summer vacation is getting closer and closer. I can't stop smiling. I am just now getting around to catching up on all the TV shows that I missed during my vacation.

And I'm also only just now getting around to posting about my trip. I know. I'm a procrastinator. A really bad procrastinator. But I'm sure most of my loyal readers all ready knew that.

Smashbox Jet Set Waterproof Eye Liner in Vamp
 I used Vamp today and I was really excited because it was the first time I'd used it since I'd got home. I have brown eyes and purple liner just seems to make my eyes POP. It's a little flaky and so I wouldn't recommend putting it on your waterline but it looks great on the lashline. My eyes are my best feature and I always make sure that all the drama is in my eye makeup. I'm thinking about doing another EOTD. I got a new camera and so the quality will be better. What do you guys think about that? Should I not waste my time doing an EOTD? Comment below! Go. Go. Comment Below. :)

Bare Minerals Blush in Frisky
I don't know if you can tell but this blush is a really pretty coral color. My cheeks are still a little sunburn so I have a beautiful (note my sarcasm) red tinge to my cheeks already. Lately I haven't been wearing blush because even with foudation ny natural blush is still visible. Plus, what's the point of making my skin not-red, only to make it a coral color? I just haven't been in a blush mood lately. But I'm still in love with this color. As soon as my sunburn turns into a tan, this will be the first blush I use. I promise. :)

Black Vans :)
I have some sad news and some great news. While in Florida my converse officially died. I think that converse look better when they're a little dirty but my converse (they were blue) went to the shoe store in the sky. They were torn up! And I'm not even exaggerating. At least I got my money's worth, right? But I decided to mix it up. And I bought Vans to replace my beloved converse. Aren't they cute? I'm so excited because I've been wanting Vans for a while but I just never had an excuse to buy them. So cute. :)

Sigh. It's Memorial Day Weekend. Four whole days. I'm so excited. Although I have an APUSH project due on Tuesday. Yuck. :) But I'm heading to a friend's house right now to work on it. Hopefully we'll finish today. Bye!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Queen of Prints

Is there any question that Diane von Furstenberg is an amazing designer? Well, there isn't any in my mind. I love this woman's line. Plus I've seen her talk on TV and I just love her sense of humor. Can you imagine my excitment when Whitney off The City went to work for DVF?

Here's a quick look at who is wearing DVF and why Diane is able to make prints look stunning on any woman. :) <3

Vanessa Hudgens' floral print skirt works because she pairs it with a simple black tank and grey cardigan. The skirt is able to take center stage, as it should, and her entire ensamble is pleasant to the eye. Its not overwhelming but the skirt helps pump up the volume just enough for a stroll through the streets.

Doesn't Debra just look stunning in that blue-green color. It works so well with her bright hair and pale skin. Upon closer inspection a small print covers the entire fabric. The simple cut is very DVF. But it still makes me, as an observer, stop and stare. There's something about the dress that draws the eye. Is there any reason why I love DVF?

Bold. Bright. Beautiful. The yellow adds much needed volume to this simple cut dress. The bold contrast between the black and white and yellow draw the eye closer. The unique and almost paint-spattered inspired print is just stunning, don't you think? Sienna's tights and shoes mute down the drama of the dress without looking awkward or strange. Its a lovely piece that I'm absolutely in love with.

Looking at all these lovely ladies in DVF makes me want to own her stuff even more! Sigh. :) She is just so much fun. Nothing much to report about my life, in the shopping arena or otherwise. I'm been just sitting around the house lately.

Oh, and question. Do you like the way my blog looks now? Or do you perfer its original layout? Please comment below!! :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tagged! I'm it?

I was tagged by two lovely ladies. Grace from Smile Couture and Gina from anything ima[gina]ble. Their blogs are fantastic. And I genuinely mean that. Thanks for reading. 

First I have to post the eighth picture from my eighth folder. Okay. I'll be back in a couple seconds. 

It's a picture I took on my trip to Australia. :) I had so much fun and I loved the pictures. So, of course, I just had to take a picture. My friends loved it.

What's your shoe size?
Normally an 8. But it depends on the brand.

Where do you work?
I'm a full-time student. So...nowhere. :)

Favorite piece of clothing you own? dark washed jeans. I personally believe that a great pair of jeans are simply priceless.

Your favorite blogs?
I have so many. Please don't make me choose. But just click on my profile icon on the right and you can see a list of people I follow and adore.

Do you have any pets?
Yes. Three cats. Moemie. Zoey. No-No. I love 'em all. Especially when they cuddle with me.

How many siblings do you have?
Just one. Sister, that is.

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
I couldn't decide so I picked two. I visited New Zealand last summer and completely fell in love with the place. Its gorgeous and the people were so friendly and kind. I want to go back as soon as possible. And I could spend the rest of my life listening to the New Zealand accent. Sigh. :) And I love my Grandma's house. It's the only place, aside from my own house, that truly feels like home.

What were you doing before this?
My life is so exciting. I was doing homework.

Your favorite food?
It's a tie between Spam Musubi and pizza. Yum!!

Do you have a middle name?
Yup! But I won't tell anyone. Its horrible. Really, I'm not even kidding. Just call me Lane. :)

Your favorite websites?
I love blogger (of course), facebook (i think i'm addicted), and youtube.

Who do you tag?
Everyone!! I want everyone to do this tag. Tags are a great, fast way to learn about someone. Comment below if you're doing this tag. I want to read it. :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Beachy Fun--Hopefully in the Sun

Just finished up a tag post that I'm going to publish tomorrow. So if you like tags come back tomorrow. If you don't...well, then I guess it will be a sad day for you. But I hope you love reading tags as much as I love writing them and reading them. :)

Anyway, I got some great news today. :) Me and my sister are getting a pool! I'm beyond thrilled. Its not an in-ground pool or anything. Its just bigger than the kiddie one that has been chilling in the garage for the past twelve years.

The pool will only be about four/five feet deep but I think its the coolest thing ever. Question. Is it safe to jump off a trampaline into a pool? Or does it just look cool? Please comment below.

I haven't gotten a new swim suit yet but as it still feelings like late winter, where I live, and I don't need one yet. But in a couple weeks I'm going to have a swim suit shopping spree. :) My mom is going to be thrilled. Can you hear the sarcasm in my voice?

So excited for pool season. Is there anything more exciting? Nope. Not even close. Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration. A big exaggeration but you know what I'm saying.

I was playing around with Polyvore, I think I've become obsessed, and I came up with a wishlist. A beachy, fun-in-the-sun wishlist. The two piece in the Polyvore is adorable. I'm in love.

I'm a huge fan of the dark, navy blue. The color is perfect in summer. Its so very nautical. :) And as a Navy brat myself, I'm very partial to the sea.

Went over to a friend's house today and watched Gone With the Wind. It is a FOUR HOUR long movie. Four hours!! I had no idea it was that long. :) It was a good movie but it was just too long. Way too long. I adored Rhett.

He was so funny. I loved how he and Scarlet met. Clark Gable is a genius. And despite the fact that he was arrogant and sometimes strange, I found myself rooting for him more than Scarlet. Well, one classic movie down. Thousands more to go. :)

Bye! Talk to you guys later. If you feel the need, please comment below. Or even push the follow button to your right. Thank You! :D

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Spring Flowers

Its Sunday. And while I love Sundays, actually I love any day when I don't have to go to school, I do not love the fact that tomorrow is Monday. Yes. The Dreaded Mondays. Yuck.

I know I've been in a summer longing mood for the past week or two. And I'm sorry if you're sick and tired of listening to me complain. So I'll stop.

I promise. :) But since spring is here and summer is on the approach, here is Kate Bosworth and her Mulberry Leah Bag. :) Has it been a while since I did a "I Love My..." post? It feels like its been forever. Enjoy! And tell me what you think.

At Coachella Music Festival. Wearing Mulberry Leah Shoulder Bag, Ray Ban Sunglasses, Joie Picasso Lace-Up Flats, and Suno Tie-Dye Dress.

At Her Hotel in New York. Wearing Mulberry Leah Shoulder Bag, Ray Ban Sunglasses, Light Blue Tank, Joie Picasso Lace-Up Flats, and Cream Floral Skirt,

At Coachella Music Festival. Wearing Mulberry Leah Shoulder Bag, Ray Ban Sunglasses, Isabel Marant Forbes Suede Ankle Boots, and Topshop Knitted Crochet Dress,.

I loved Kate in Blue Crush. It was a good movie. And she looked GREAT! But I haven't seen anything from her in a while. Or am I experiencing a brain fart? Comment below if I'm forgetting the latest Kate movie.

This is the second weekend day in a row that I woke up before 10:00. I woke up at 8:30. 8:30! I am not a morning person, at all. And so this is not natural. I don't know what's happening to me. But I hope it ends soon.

Has anyone ever seen Gone with the Wind? Is it a good movie? Just wondering. :)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Black and White

Jason Wu is a genius. I have no problem saying that. I love his ability to make a woman look amazing. I especially love his use of the colors: black and white. Reese looks flawless in her lace number but I especially loved it when Wu mixed black and white together to make a stunningly beautiful dress. :)

I think Jason Wu has become my new obsession. :)

Reese Witherspoon at Benefit for Women's Cander Research Fund. Wearing Black
Lace Jason Wu Dress with Peep-Toe Pumps.

Kristin Stewart at New Moon Benefit Screening in Tennessee. Wearing Laser-Cut
 Sequin Strapless Dress from Jason Wu paired with Neil Lane Diamonds, Sergio Rossi
Shoes, and a Black Leather Belt.

Hilary Rhoda at an Event. Wearing Black and White Jason Wu Dress, Strappy Heels,
and Little Black Clutch.

Its super early right now but I'm blogging anyway. I feel alseep on the coach last night watching Criminal Minds, which btw is the scariest show but I still insist on watching it. Yeah, it doesn't make sense to me either. :)

I just realized that I named this blog "Black and White" and my previous blog was entitled "Black and Blue". Sorry for the un-original titles. My bad. :) I'm going blame it on the fact that I'm up before 10:00 on a Saturday morning.

 I cannot wait for the school year to be over. We get out on like June 16th or something like that. I can't believe I don't know the exact date but I don't. But my cousins and a bunch of other people I know are already out of school. I'm so jealous. But I just have to keep going. :) Its less than a month now. :)

 Sorry for the short blog. Please Comment and Follow! Are you already out of school?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Black and Blue

Okay. I have to get back into the blogging mood. :) I was playing around with Polyvore earlier and figured I would just post this one. I made it a while ago but I never posted it. Oh, well. It entitled "Black and Blue". Kind of self-explanatory, huh? :) If you are interested in anything just click here.

I obviously wasn't thinking about blogging when I put so many oobjects in the frame. There are just too many to write in my blog. And it would get terribly confusing.

Here's a quick update. :) I now have about 390 followers. Exciting! I only need ten more to reach 400! I never thought that this many people would actually want to read what I had to write but thank you! I really appreciate all the people who actually take the time to read my blog. Thank you.

Pizza is cooking in the oven and its almost dinner time. I have yet to unpack but I'm getting super lazy. Instead I'm procrastinating. I'm thinking up every excuse not to do the homework I missed over my trip. I never learn but I think I'm going to wait until the weekend to start.

I know. I'll regret this later but what can you do? I couldn't sleep on the plane but I did do a lot of reading. Read Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick and got about half-way through The Last Song. Obviously by Nicholas Sparks.

I had orginally planned to read The Last Song before I watched the movie but I only got about two chapters into it. Then on my plane ride I figured it was about time to finish the thing. But I didn't. I can't read fast enough. :)

Back to my Polyvore, isn't that black blazer with electric blue liner adorable? Sigh. If only it weren't so expensive. I think I've written enough for one day. I'll talk to you guys later. :) Bye!

Comment Below! Please?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Eight Things Pt. Two

I'm Back!! I had such a blast in Florida. :) I rode the new ride in Animal Kingdom, Expedition Everest, like ten times. Literally. I loved that thing so much! :)

I could go on forever about my trip but I won't bore you guys. Just know that I had so much fun. I want to go back. Sigh. my vacation was too short. :(

Anyway, here's part dos of my eight things tag. I hope you enjoy it. This half of the tag was a lot harder to fill out than the first half. :) Well, here it goes. Enjoy...

Eight things on my wish list:

Eight words or phrases I use often:
1. like
2. cool
3. Seriously?!
4. I think I'm in love
5. that's akward...
6. Oh, jeez
7. Whatever
8. Hahahaha (does laughter count as a word/phrase? oh, well.)

Eight things I've learned from the past:
1. Forgive but don't forget
2. Don't try to put on your rollerblades while standing
3. Things can seem like the end of the world; but they probably aren't
4. Just smile
5. Harmless procrastination can easily turn into "Oh, crap! I'm screwed."
6.  Watching Step-Brothers with your friends' parents is suuuper awkward
7. I'm not a fast runner
8. Cats are a girl's best friend

Eight places I would love to visit/see:
1. Eiffel Tower/Paris
2. London
3. Japan!
4. Hollywood
5. UW (Go Dawgs!)
6. NYC
7. Disney World ( I just got back from there! And I want to go back.)
8. A really nice ski resort

Eight things I currently want/need:
1. I need a brownie!
2. I want better daytime television options
3. I want to be able to play tennis again. :(
4. I want a slice of stuffed crust pizza
5. I want to go on a trip to the beach
6. I need to sleep more
7. I need to do all my missing math homework...
8. I need to do the dishes

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Eight Things Pt. One

The last time I did a tag a person told me that the tag was too long. And I have to say I agree. :) So this time around I added pictures (always fun, right?) and I split the tag into to parts. I hope you enjoy and so here it goes. The eight things tag...

Eight TV shows I like to watch:
1. Glee
2. Keeping Up With the Kardashians
3. Vampire Diaries
4. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
5. Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood
6. How I Met Your Mother
7. Project Runway
8. Degrassi: The Next Generatioin

Eight favorite places to eat and drink:
1. My mom's kitchen!
2. Old Spaghetti Factory
3. Little Caesar's
4. Pizza Hut
5. Starbucks
6. Red Robin's
7. Olive Garden (breadsticks, anyone?)
8. Cafe 100

Eight things I look forward to:
1. The next Harry Potter movie (dorky much?)
2. My next tennis match (well, during tennis season)
3. Weekends :)
4. Summer Vacation!
5. My birthday (i'm a June baby)
6. The Christmas Season
7. Lunch
8. Stephenie Meyer novels (doubley dorky much?)

Eight things that happened yesterday:
1. Went to school
2. Had to stay after school to make up a science lab
3. Mom bought me ice cream
4. Packed for FL!
5. Watched the Vampire Diaries episodes I'd missed
6. Noticed that my ankle didn't hurt as much as it used to

Eight things I'm passionate about:
1. tennis
2. blogging
3. fashion
4. family
5. school (getting my high school diploma!)
6. friends
7. the medical field
8. US history :)

I tag everyone who wants to be tagged. Although you want to head over to Rachel's blog to see the entire tag. :) Or wait till I post part two of my eight things tag. Whatever you perfer! I'm off to Florida today. I'm so excited! :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lots of Love

Another days of deals! Exciting, no? Today is the day before the AP Language and Composition test. Yay...(note my sarcasm). I feel so unprepared. Especially since my teacher has spent the entire year occupying my time with busy work. I've learned nothing! Nothing!

But I'm trying to stay positive. I'm hoping for a three. That seems pretty realistic in my case. :) But after I finish my test I'm off to Florida! :) Its going to be a blast. I'll try to keep you guys posted as much as possible but don't be surprised if I don't post as often...

Okay. Well, here are some deals. Everything is under twenty dollars. Minus tax. Of course.

L: Solitaire Tights Tee (17.80)   R: Pintucked Striped Tee ($19.80)

T: AE Snakeskin Flats  ($19.95)    B: AE Peace Belt ($19.95)

I'm going to start to pack as soon as I'm done with this post. Has anyone ever been to Disney World. I might get to stop by when I'm in Florida. How is it?

Oh, I can't stop smiling. I'm just sooo excited. It'll be nice to have this break after such a hectic couple of weeks. AP tests are so frustrating! Frustrating! :D