Friday, May 7, 2010

Smoke on the Water

Here's my first EOTD. Its actually from a few days ago but it still counts doesn't it? I think it does! And I'm sorry that the picture isn't too great. By the time I realized I need to take more pictures, because the ones I'd already taken weren't working, my camera died. I'll try to take better pictures next time. Well here it goes...

All Over Lid: Nars' Underworld II
Highlight: MAC Brule

Upper Lash Line: Smashbox Limitless Liner in Smoke and MAC Black Tied
Lower Lash Line: Smashbox Limitless Liner in Smoke

APUSH test happened today. It was...long and boring. And I felt like falling alseep. But I hope I did an okay job. Crossies! :) Sub-disrticts are tomorrow. I'm so nervous but I think my partner and I will do okay. We have an easy draw! Sooo excited. I'm going to stop by Safeway before my match and pick up a bag of Chex Mix. Yummy! :)

Oh. Don't forget that Royal Pains is coming back in June! Yay. Its also my birthday month. I know that's still a little ways away but I can still get excited. Right? :) This show is so good. Hank, Tucker, Libby, Evan. I love 'em all. I feel in love with this show last summer and I'm still a little obsessed.

What's your favorite medical doctor? George Clooney anyone? Hahaha. :) He looks very good for a man his age. Just saying. What're you doing this weekend?