Sunday, February 28, 2010

Zac Attack!

This will be my last post for February 2010. Wow. It seems like just last week I was celebrating the New Year and I'm already 1/6 of the way through 2010. Weird...

Well, anyway this is the kind of post that is created when you mix the movie 17 Again  and internet surfing. :) He is really cute in that movie. I didn't get it when I watched HSM but now I finally see it. :)
These are some pictures from Zac's Nylon Guys shoot from October 2009. I love Nylon Magazine! Oh, this is kind of a short and random post but try to enjoy. :) His eyes are sooo blue!

Zac came out with a movie recently...Me and Orson Wells. Is it any good? I was just wondering. I you haven't read the Zac Efron article yet and want to, just click on this link.

Just putting some finished touches on an English Essay that's due tomorrow and then I'm going to go plant some flowrs in the front/back yard. :) My mom bought me a rose yesterday its called Ebb Tide. Its a pretty, deep, purple color.

This is really weird but the summer of fourth grade year I was obsessed with flowers. Like if my mom and I went to Wal-mart or Costco I wouldn't ask for a toy...I'd ask for a plant. Have I mentioned I was a really weird kid? :) Hahahah. Anyway, then that Winter I didn't like going outside to water the plants (its was too cold) and then they all died. That was the end of my planting episode.

But I think I can do better this time around. I hope... :)
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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Back in Black

I just recently bought a pair of black jeans from Forever 21. :) I'm really, really excited. I can't believe I didn't own a single pair of black jeans. Its crazy. Have I mentioned that Forever 21 is one of my favorite stores? Sigh. Love that place. Where do you love to shop? :)

I also really like American Eagle Jeans. :) Yay! Did you notice that Bella in New Moon got her jeans from American Eagle? I can't remember what scene it was...but I do remember getting really excited in the movie theater because I recognized the brand from the design on the butt pocket. Fun Jean Fact of the Day, I guess. Idk.

Anway, I love these ladies who definately know how to rock the adorable black jeans. So cute. :)

Sara Paxton at a Cinema Society Screening of 500 Days of Summer. Wearing Black Skinny
Jeans, Simple Black Tank, Grey Pasmina, Chloe Bag, and Gucci Belt.

Rachel Bilson Walking in Los Angelos. Wearing a Boyfriend Blazer, Botton-Down
Blouse, Black Jeans, Jane Mayle Boots, and Derek Lam Bag.

Kate Moss out in London. Wearing Louis Vuitton SC Suede Bag, Kate Moss for Topshop
Open Weave Jumper in Grey, and Superfine Chevron Liberty Skinny Jeans.

Kate Mara at the Los Angelos Launh of DJ Hero. Wearing White Leather Jacket,
Chain-Detailed Shirt, Skinny Black Jeans, and Fringed Shoes.

Make It or Break It was on Monday! Yay! :) I love this show. Maybe its because when I was in third grade I was convinced that I was going to be an Olympic Gymnast. Well...that obviously never happened. :) Oh, well I can live vicariously through these girls.

I love watching gymnastics during the summer Olympics. I think, quite possibly, its my favorite event. :)

And when will Ten Things I Hate About You  be back on? I really liked that show. :) And the movie is super good too! Bianca kind of reminds me of my sister. In a good way! :) You know I love you Ki!

Bye! I have to get my things ready for tomorrow. Ugh. School. :/

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Night of Shakespeare

Let's be honest. A year in English wouldn't be a year in English without reading a Shakespeare play. In ninth grade it was Romeo and Juliet. Then last year it was Julius Caesar. For some reason I liked Julius Caesar more than I liked Romeo and Juliet.

Maybe it was because we didn't actually read Romeo and Juliet. We just watched the movie. Has anyone ever seen the Romeo and Juliet movie where Romeo is played by a kid who looks like Zac Efron's little brother?

All I remember from that movie is the fact that every girl in my class thought Benvolio's actor was adorable. :) Hahaha. Oh, the whims of ninth grade girls.

Anyway, this year in class we were reading Twelfth Night and I couldn't help but think that it kind of reminded me of She's the Man. You know, the funny Amanda Bynes movie that came out a couple years ago. The movie with Channing Tatum in it. :)

Well, apparhently She's the Man was based loosely on Twelfth Night. Cool, huh? I didn't know that. :) This movie is super funny and I would recommed it to people who liked What a Girl Wants.

Random blog I know. I'm sorry. More fashion related posts will be up soon. I promise!

Have you ever read any Shakespeare? What did you think? I just realized that this blog post was completely pointless. But that's what makes it fun, right? Please Comment and Follow! :D

Monday, February 22, 2010

What a Girl Wants

A girl can dream, can't she? Well, its been a while since I talked about perfume. Perfume is my thrid love, after tennis and fashion. :)

I'm thinking about doing a scent collection post in the next week or two because I got a few things for Christmas and I was really excited. Anyways, since I love scents I always enjoy going to Macy's and perusing through all the prefumes. Even though I always feel awkward when the ladies hover around me constantly asking if they can help me. I know they're just doing their job but if I wanted your help, I would ask. :)

These are some of the scents I would love to get for my birthday! Hint, hint Kiana. (I'm talking to my sister)

My friend May introduced me to Flowerbomb and I'm in love. Have you guys ever smelt it? To me it smells like heaven in a bottle. Okay, maybe that's an exageration but you know what I mean. :)

Sexy Little Things Noir. I've heard really good things about this scent. :) Plus, I think the perfume ball squirter thing (I obviously don't know what its called) is adorable. All of my scents are just have the regular pump and that's it. Even if it didn't smell so good, I would want it just because of the way it looks. :)

Twilight Woods. This isn't on my "I Want" List. I haven't smelt it but I'm curious. I didn't get a chance to smell it the last time I went into Bath and Body Works (maybe because I was frantically searching for a last minute Christmas present for my mom). If you have smelled this. Please tell me your thoughts. I'm really curious. :)

Well, this is my "I Wish" Perfume List. It isn't long. I really wanted to keep it short. :)

Well, since my last post I have been feeling very nostalgic. Most of you probably already know her but did you know that Rachel from The Redhead Fashionista was the first person to comment/follow my blog? I love her "Firday Favorites" posts and she's just an amazing blogger. She also writes the sweetest comments. :)

 If you don't read her blog you need to check her out! Before she commented I was kind of in the "why am I writing a blog phase?" I didn't think anyone was reading it and I thought about deleting this entire thing.

Anway, this is kind of random but thanks Rachel! :D

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Blast From the Past

When I was little there was no Hannah Montana. No, we had Lizzie McGuire. She wasn't a regular kid by day and a pop star by night. She was just a reuglar girl with a normal family living her semi-normal life.

Wow. It brings back so many memories.

Maybe I've always been a big fan of Hilary's because I grew up watching her. I'm a very loyal fan. She was on the cover of Nylon a few months ago and she was also on Gossip Girl recently. I really liked her character Olivia. Although I really like Dan and Serena together. In my mind they're just meant to be.

Who do you guys like better Dan and Serena or Blair and Chuck? I'm a Chuck and Blair fan myself. They're just so prefect together.

This is definately a trip down memory lane. :) I remember watching That's So Raven, Even Stevens, Cow and Chicken, Rugrats, and CatDog. Jeez. Its been a while. I really used to love Rugrats. It was sucha good show.

The ealry '00 and the 90's were such a great time to be alive. :)

I'm watching the movie The Covenant on my computer. Partially because one of my friends is OBESSED with it and I'm always wondering what the hype is about. I've only gotten through about five minutes and the first five minutes are intense. :) Hahahaha.

Plus Chace Crawford is in it! Yay! And the guy who played Carter Baizen on Gossip Girl. Who knew this movie was so connected to GG? I didn't. :)

Seen any good movies lately? Read any good books lately? I might head over to Borders and Blockbuster later on. I'm really interested in what you guys are watching/reading. :)

Oh. Before I forget, if you are loooking to win a cute headband please head over to Sammi Suits. She's having a 100th post giveaway. That's so exciting. This girl is super sweet, she always leaves the nicest comment. Please check her out. :)

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Blunt and Beautiful

Hola! At the moment I should be reviewing for my English Test. (Ugh). But I am participating in a little harmless procrastination. At least I hope its harmless...

Anyway, I first saw Emily Blunt in the movie, The Devil Wears Prada. She was the lovely, yet snooty, British assistant to Miranda Priestley. She was so funny. I absolutely love the part when Anne Hathaway comes in (newly made over) and Emily's character's mouth just drops! :)

Anyway, since the Golden Globes, I have fallen in love with her style. At times its so delicate and girly but then at other times its more harsh and sexy. :)

I was watching the Olympics (pairs figure skating) the other day and I felt the need to be girly, so all the pictures of Emily are very feminine. I love figure skating. My sister used to skate, but then her back started giving her problems so she had to quit, and the only thing she taught me was how to skate backwards. Hahahaha.  :)

But did anyone see Shen and Zhao? Although I love rooting for Americans, I have to give these two credit where credit is deserved. They were amazing. I love watching pairs because its so cool to see two people being totally and completely in sync.

Here are the pics! :)

Russian Premiere of Wolfman. Wearing Sequin Ivory Zuhair Murad Gown and Ivory Ina Soltani Coat.

At the Golden Globes. Wearing Pink Ruffle Tulle Dolce & Gabbana Dress and Ferragamo Clutch.

At the Annual Elle Women Event. Wearing Strapless Nude Dolce & Gabbana Dress.

She's my inspiration for February. :) Well, I'll see you guys later. Who's style are you loveing at the moment?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fly Like A Bird

Here's another "I love my..." post featuring Rachel Bilson and her Bird by Juicy Couture Cardigan. She really has amazing style. And Bird by Juicy Couture is an amazing brand. It's much more sophisticated than the hot pink sweat suits Juicy Couture is known for.

Anyway, here are the pics! Enjoy! :D

Out in Hollywood. Wearing Bird by Juicy Couture Moahir Ombre Cardigan, Citizens for
Humanity Avedon Slick Legging Jeans, Unknown Boots, Tee, and Purse.

Shopping at Gelson's Supermarket in Hollywood. Wearing Bird by Juicy Couture Mohair
Ombre Cardigan, 3.1 Philip Lim Edie Bow Studded Bag, Repetto BB Flats, and Ray Ban Wayfarers.

At M Cafe in Hollywood. Wearing Bird by Juicy Couture Mohair
Ombre Cardigan, Paige Premium Skyline Peg Jeans, 3.1 Philip Lim Edie
Bow Studded Bag, and Ray Ban Wayfarers.

The Winter Olympics are here! Yes! :)

I live literally a stones throw away fromt the Olympics and I can't believe I'm not going. I can feel the excitment from all the way down here. But unfortunately my parents don't want to drive up there. Ugh. :/

But I can still watch it on TV. Did anyone see the Korean whipeout that happened during speedskating? That race was sooo intense! I was sure that Apolo was going to lose.

I thought it was really weird (and funny in a politically incorrect way) that the announcer called the three Koreans in the lead, "a wall of Koreans". I mean who comes up with these things?

Anyway, I'm so excited for the Olympics. I'm about to head upstairs and watch it. Also don't be surprised if I talk about it a lot in the coming weeks. After all, I spent all of third period discussing the Olympics and Keeping Up With the Kardashians. My friend, Maddy, has recently become obsessed. :)

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