Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Just Clog About It

This is going to be one of the last posts before I head off to my grandma's. I might have time to blog tomorrow but I'm not sure. :) Crossies! Oh, and don't forget to enter my contest! The final day to enter is coming up.

I don't know what kind of posts I'll be doing at my grandma's but we'll see. Sooo excited! :D

Um. Let's see what else to talk about...I'm packing right now. But I decided to take a break. I hate packing and un-packing. Its so tedious and frankly, its a little boring. Blogging is so much fun. Okay, I heard that next's week's episode of Pretty Little Liars is the season finale. Is that true?

If so, then I have to say..."It JUST started!" Why is the season finale already happening? I've become obsessed with this show. Is there a cool name for fans of PLL like Gleeks are Glee fans? Comment below!

Okay here's Miley Cryus rocking her clogs. I don't own any clogs but I think the right girl with the right pair of clogs can look amazing. Stunning! And I believe that Miley is the right girl and the clogs she's wearing are perfecto. :)

In New York City
Wearing: Balenciaga Giant Pompon Bag, Topshop Cashmere Top, Medium-Wash Skinny Jeans, Striped Black-Grey-White Cardigan, and Topshop Prima Sling Clogs.

At LAX Airport
Wearing: Balenciaga Giant Pompon Bag, Topshop Boutique Cashmere Top, Topshop Prima Sling Clogs, Plaid Button-Up Long Sleeved T-Shirt, and Medium Wash Jeans.

At LAX Airport
Wearing: Gievenchy Large Elschia Bag, Ray Ban Sunglasses, Jet by John Eshaya Anchor Skinny Jeans, Topshop Scoop Tank, Multiple Silver Bangles, Black and Yellow Scarf, Slouchy Black Cardigan, and Brown Belt.

Oh, ran two miles today. So exhausting!! I've been training for XC season. Um...just to give myself a refrence what is your two mile time? :) I want to know how slow I am. Have a great Wednesday! Bye.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Product Rave!

I'm coming to you guys with a prodcut rave. I don't think I've ever done one of these. Maybe this is because I've never found a product that I like this much! I adore it. Adore!!

Okay, I've left all of you in suspense long enough. Drum roll please. I have fallen in love with the Brush Guard. I put them on right after I wash my brushes and I honestly feel like they make my brushes feel like new. So soft. So clean. So amazing!

The bristles don't fray. And I honestly think they are well worth the investment. My sister picked them up from the post office about three weeks ago...I think. [sorry, my memory is starting to go.]

And to be honest I was a little hesitant to use them. I mean, I just didn't think they would work as well as they did. But she was so excited about this product and her excitment was extremely infectious.

But I am humble enough to say "I was wrong. Very wrong."

I have two of the variety pack [meaning you get one XSmall, two Small, two Medium, and one Large]. There are enough brush guards to give one to each of my Sigma brushes and the other random brushes that I use. :)

They do ship internationally and to Canada but there is an extra charge. I don't do product raves very often but when I do them, I talk about products I honestly believe in. And when I travel to my grandma's there is no way I'm leaving without these bad boys.

Brushes [good quality brushes, not those little spounge applicator you get in your drug store eye shadow] are a huge investment. They cost hundreds of dollars. This is a quick, relatively cheap way to make sure that investment lasts as long as possible. I just washed my brushes and here's a picture of what Brush Guards look like in action!

[my brushes in their pretty, little Brush Guard cacoon! So cute.]
Bye! I know this was a quick post but I have to start packing. I think I might take you guys along with me on my trip! So excited. :D

FTC: The Brush Guard was sent to me for review pruposes. I am not being compensated. I have no affliation with this company. The Sigma brushes were also sent to me for review purposes. The rest of the brushes were purchsed with my own money. All opinions are my own. :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

You Make Me Laugh! XD

Today's blog post has nothing to do with fashion. :) But I was watching a ton of YouTube vides yesterday. And I was watching What The Buck. If you don't know who Michael Buckley is [and I'm pretty sure a lot of you do] I think he is so, so funny!

I really like his movie reviews. Especially when he talked about the Eclipse movie. Click here for the link. If you haven't seen Eclipse then don't go and watch it. He gives you an entire synopsis of the movie but he says it in a way that is ten times funnier than the actual movie. There were a few inappropriate jokes but that didn't bother me.

Ginger down. Ginger down! :) Oh, Michael Buckley. You make me laugh.

Okay. I thought I'd share that with you guys. I spent the entire day re-watching his videos and laughing my butt off [okay, maybe not the whole day but a good few hours].

And in honor of his funny video I decided to share my Eclipse Polyvore with you guys. I made it before Eclipse actually came out and I'm sharing it with you guys now. :) Enjoy. I know that I just posted another Polyvore a few days ago but...I decided to do it again. Sorry!

Does this make me a dork, but I really want that Team Jacob tee! Oh, no! I really am a dork. :/ Better to know now than find out later, right? :)

I was thinking about doing a closet tour. What do you guys think? Do you want to see what my closet looks like? Comment below! And be sure to enter my giveaway if you haven't. Win $200 Target Gift Card! :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Small Update!!

Hey, girlies! :) I'm super thrilled to be telling you guys this. I've gotten a Twitter. Well, I've had one for a couple months but then I just didn't get into it and I just let it fall by the way-side. I'm sorry. But its not like I had any followers or anything...

Anyway, I also created a Facebook account. :) I have one but I can't seem to access it anymore. I'm not quite sure what's going on but my addiction to Facebook wouldn't let me wait another two weeks without an account. My addiction seems to be getting wrose, don't you think?

Umm...become my friend, please? Because since I just created it this morning no one has responded to my friend requests. So I'm a loner loser with zero friends. Yes, feel sorry for me. :) But it would make my day if you extended the Facebook hand of friendship my way.

Just search for Lane Newlin. I'm the second one from the top. :) The one with the pink flower is the account I talked about above!

I'll also post pics about my life and stuff like that. Well, I hope you guys are having a great summer so far! Oh, don't forget to enter my giveaway. Win a $200 Target Gift Card. :D

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Chic Clothespins

Don't forget to check out my giveaway! You might win a $200 Target giftcard! :) Yes. That could be you.

Lauren Conrad. The words that come to mind are chic, fun, and fresh. Lauren has stepped away from The Hills as a style icon--or at least my style icon!--and has managed to stay sane despite her overwhelming fame. Unlike some of her coworkers. I'm not going to mention names...

I'm going to create a Lust List involving her line from Kohl's because I think its simply stunning. :) But that's not what I'm going to talk about today. I'm here to talk about clothespins. But not just any clothespins but chic clothespins. I know I sound a little crazy right now but I'm going to explain.

Doesn't Lauren look ready for Summer? I really wish it would get warmer but its still practically freezing. And its not like I live in Alaska or anything. I live considerably more south. A lot more south. But the summer fairy has refused to come visit my city. Ugh

But random tangent over. :) Back to the picture. If you look closely you'll notice that there is a unique print on her clothes. Yes! They're clothespins. See I told you this would all start to make sense. ;)

Who would've thought that a clothespin dress could look so stunningly chic? Not me. Well, the main point of this post is to say that I've decided to be more adventurous. I'm going to start a style revolution--okay, maybe the word revolution is too strong of a word--but I'm going to be more open-minded.

Lately, all the things I've been buying--or wearing--are practically the same thing. I'm in a style rut and I've known about it for a while but I've just haven't had the energy to do anything about it. But that's going to change.

I'm not going to change drastically. No emo makeup for me. Or Lady Gaga get-ups. But school shopping is the perfect time to take chances. I know a few of them won't work but every once in a while, a clothespin dress will come along and it'll look fantastic. I'm going to start picking up a few things hre and there.

Wow. This is a really deep post. Deeper than I think I've ever gotten. Tomorrow I'll do an "I Love My..." post to lighten all the intense thinking that's been going on in my brain. Hope you liked my post. See you tomorrow! Buh-bye! :P

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer Styling!

Most people know Nicky Hilton as a certain girl's sister but I think that she's more than that. I can't imagine how horrible it would be to be known to the world as "so-and-so" sisters. Ugh. It's hard enough to be known as the little sister in high school. That's never happened to me but I hear my sister compain about it often enough. :)

Today I was inspired. I have never done something exactly like this before but I thought I'd give it a shot. It kind of a just a long ramble about what I'm wearing this summer. If you're interested: read on! If not...then that's fine too.

I was fascinated with this outfit. Jean jackets are perfect for summer because they're relatively light-weight. I know that a lot of people are saying, "It's summer. You don't need a jacket!" Well, in the summer sometimes you go to the movies into an air-conditioned room. And sometimes people air-condition a room a little too well! :)

So in the summer, light layers are not necessarily a bad thing. :) Or at least where I live it doesn't get suuuper hot. Not until August at least. Then I love how her scarf and shoes are in the same color pallete. They play off each other and they bring the entire outfit together.

 I honestly don't think that the outfit would've been as wonderful. I think the details are so important.
Okay. Next outfit. Its similar but different. :) In my mind these outfits kind of go together because she's wearing the same glasses and the same shoes. Random note: I heart that Alexander McQueen scarf. So gorgeous!

The only thing I don't like about this outfit is the leather jacket. A cardigan would be just as cute--and less hot. Wearing a  leather jacket in summer weather is like walking around with a sauna attached to your body.

Anway, now to focus on the plus-side of this outfit. Leggings are better for the summer because they breathe a lot more than traditional jeans and again they're lightweight. They aren't bulky at all. Great choice for summer if you're going out at night.

I have to talk about her Birkin bag. Doesn't everyone love a good Birkin bag? Sigh. Life goal: get a Birkin bag. And then take it everywhere with me. :)

[isn't that puppy adorable? :) aww...]

Oh, side note! I think this is the coolest thing. I just found about this website about two days ago. Giveaway Scout is this website that catalouges a ton of blog giveaways. They're organized into categories so that you can find giveaways that acutally interest you. Isn't that cool? :) Go check it out! And enter some contests while you're there. ;)

Okay bye! Sorry about the long ramble. I'm making up for the fact I didn't blog yesterday. Check out my giveaway! Please? [You could win a $200 giftcard to Target!]

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"I Wrote You Everday For A Year!"

I'm really excited. :) I just put in a search bar so people can search my blog for anything. I don't know why I didn't have it before because its so hard to find things on my blog. Recently I did two posts that were about Victoria Beckham and my sister rolled her eyes.

She seems to be under the false impression that I post about her everyday. And I wanted to prove her wrong but it was hard going through all of them. Sigh. I'm a little lazy. So I added the search bar. Enjoy.

Oh, and just an update in about two weeks I'm heading to my grandma's for a week. My mom's side of the family all live in like a hundred mile radius of each other, so every year we go and visit them. :) If there's a long pause between posts, then at least you'll know why.
Here's my Polyvore inspired by my one of my favorite love stories. Sigh. The Notebook. Such a good movie. I feel in love with Ryan Gosling in that movie. :) Click here to see the details of the Polyvore.

I never read the book but I heard from a friend that it wasn't nearly as good as the movie. Which is weird because the book is almost always better than the movie. Did anyone read the book? What are your thoughts?

Don't forget to check out my giveaway! You have the chance to win a $200 Target giftcard. :) Good luck!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Say You'll Be There

I just got done baby-sitting. Talk about exhausting. She spent the night at my house because her parents were out of town at a golf-thing--not quite sure--but in the process my MAC Cream Cup got killed.

I was doing her makeup crazy--like blue/purple eyeshadow and green lips. And then she did mine. She's ten-years-old and the cutest thing you've ever seen. But during the process she accidentally smashed my MAC Cream Cup lipstick into the container.

It is destroyed. At first I was mad--but then I just told myself that it was just a lipstick and she's only ten. I'm still bummed that my lipstick now needs to be applied with a lip brush. Sigh. I'm still too tired to think clearly I'm doing an "I love my..." post! It features Posh, my fave!

Victoria Beckham and her Christian Louboutin Alti Ankle Booties! :) Sigh. If only I was rich...

Leaving the French Riveria. Wearing dvb Sunglasses, Hermes Birkin Bag, Abercrombie and Fitch Denim Shorts, Christian Louboutin Alti Booty Ankle Boots, Zac Posen Sequin Cardigan, and H&M tank.

At Heathrow Airport. Wearing Christian Louboutin Atli Ankle Booties, Cutler and Gross Sunglasses, Hermes Collier de Chien Cuff Bracelets, and Sheer Button-Up Shirt, and Burberry Jeans.

Out in New York. Wearing Christian Louboutin Alti Ankle Booties, Rolex Watch, Hermes Birkin Bag, Fashion for Haiti Tee, Alexander McQueen Blazer, and Burberry Jeans.

I just say the preview for Cats and Dogs Two. It looks really stupid. I didn't really like the first one so I'm pretty sure that I'm not going to spend ten dollars to see the second one. Maybe that's just me. Are you going to go see it? :)

Oh, don't forget about my current giveaway! Its a chance to earn a $200 Target gift card! :) Bye. I'll see you guys tomorrow.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bang! Bang!

I love the E! Channel. I adore Keeping Up With the Kardashians. But I also love watching Ryan and Guiliana on E! News and Kendra. They're all so funny and easy to watch. :)

Well, Chelsea Handler, from her show Chelsea Lately, is so funny. I love watching her show. Some of my friends don't think she's funny but Maddy, May, and I stand firm that she is hilarious. :) I think the people who don't understand Chelsea's humor, just haven't seen the right episodes. Sometimes the people she has at her round table aren't that funny. They try to be funny but they're just not.

Oh, well. Not everyone can be a comdian. :)

Anway, Chelsea's newest book isentitled, Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang, I won't pretend that I've read it but I really want to! :) I don't know why it's taken me so long.

Anyway, here's a couple of pictures that Chelsea Handler and Abigail Breslin did for Haper's Bazaar. Enjoy!

Click here to see the rest of the pictures. For some reason they wouldn't come up on blogger right. It was just not working. Oh, well. :)

I hope that you guys are enjoying my giveaway! :) I'm really excited. If you haven't enter and want a $200 giftcard to Target click here! :D

Bye guys. Talk to you later. :) Who's your favorite comedian? Please Comment. :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Sigma Review + Giveaway! **CLOSED**

Hi guys! It's finally time for the big giveaway I have spent the past couple days blogging about. Thanks for all your well-wishes. Smokey is doing fine. He's still a little sluggish today but he's purring and eating. Okay, onto the good stuff.

About two-three weeks ago Sigma sent me their Complete Set of Professional Brushes. I was very honored and beyond thrilled with the opportunity. For those who don't know Sigma brushes are a very well-known dupes for MAC brushes. I'm thinking about doing a video, that way I can go more in-depth, so keep an eye out for that. :) 

 First, I'd like to point out that if you buy all twelve Sigma brushes that I'm going to show you that it'll cost you $69.99 without the brushfold and $89.99 with the brush fold. If you were to buy all twelve of these brushes from MAC it would cost you $333. I just did the math.

I feel that there really is no comparison. That a $263 difference! And I feel the only significant difference between the two bush sets is the fact that one set says MAC while the other says Sigma.

 Anyway, the brush fold is also amazing quality. Its this soft, leather-y feel to them. And the snap to close the fold is magnatized and isn't a cheap velcrow strip like other folds I've seen. Sigma really put a notcable effort to make their prodcuts the best quality they could make them.

And all the brushes are made from either natural, synthetic, or a mix bristiles. Natural bristles make the brushes softer. And I know tht I mentioned that the brushes are soft but I don't think you understand how amazing they feel on your skin.

Well, that's my review of Sigma brushes. They're durable and amazing quality. The handle is long and fits perfectly in my hand. :) I also love the fact that they come with a pamphlet exaplaining the purpose of each brush. It also comes with instructions on how to care for your brushes.

Sigma wants the brushes to be an investment that lasts for a long, long time. :) If you want a list of all the brushes, their purpose, and my thoughts on them click here!

Okay, that are all the brushes you get in the set. Now onto the giveaway!!
Finally, we get to the giveaway! :) Super excited. This is the biggest giveaway in Viva La Fashion history. I know, its big. Yesterday I went and I purchased a $200 gift card from Target in celebration of getting 600 followers! Yes, you could win a $200 giftcard just by entering this contest.

I picked Target because it has a really great selection of beauty/fashion products. Plus, its a store that is accesable to a lot people and even if you don't live by a Target there is an online store. So here's how you can win.

1. You don't have to be 18 or older to enter
2. Have to be a Viva La Fashion follower. If you're not just click the follow button to your left. It's free and simple. :)
3. Leave email adress in comment so I can contact you if you win!
4. Contest ends on August 5, 2010. Good luck!

Ways to enter:
1. Go to Sigma's website and comment below telling me what your favorite item/brush is (one entry)
2. Blog about this giveaway/review on your blog (one entry)
3. Tweet about this giveaway/reivew on you twitter (one entry)
4. Mention Viva La Fashion and Sigma makeup brushes in your Facebook status update (one entry)

**Be sure to leave one comment for every way that you enter. So if you blog, tweet, and go to Sigma's website, you need to write three comments telling me what you did.**

FTC: Sigma provided their brushes for review purposes. The giveaway prize was provided by me, not by Sigma. All opinons are my own and 100% honest. :)

The Sigma Brushes

Here are all the brushes that come in the kit. And these are my thoughts on each one. Enjoy! :)

[note the brush fold does NOT come with the white numbers on them. I just put them there for a visual.]
Applies powder foundation and transcluscent powders. It is large and applies makeup very easily. Does shed a little but the shedding stops after its been washed a few times.
SS190 and SS187
Applies liquid foundation. I haven't been wearing liquid foundation this summer but I did want to try out this brush so I did wear some earlier this week. The brush applies evenly. But I perfer the SS187. Its just a personal preference. The SS187 gives an airbrushed finish and I love using this brush to apply my tinted moisturizer.

SS168 and SS194,
The SS168 applies blush (its an angled blush brush) and is great for contouring. <3 this brush. I use it everyday. And the SS194 is a concealer brush. Its the perfect size to fit under the eye to hide those unattractive dark circles some of [me included] have.
SS275 and SS252 and SS239
I decided to talk about these three brushes together because they're all very similar. The SS275 is the angled shading brush. I use this to put shadow on my brow and the inner corner. Sometimes I use it as a crease brush. Now the SS252 and SS239 are extremely similar, only the SS252 is a lot larger than the SS239. They're both shading brushes and it just depends on eye shape/size on which brush will do the better job.

SS266 and SS209
Both of these are liner brushes. The SS266 is the angled one. I personally perfer the SS209. I feel like I have a litte more control withe SS209 because it is smaller but my sister loves the SS266. So I've given it to her. Neither one is better than the other, it jsut depends on how you apply makeup.
SS224 and SS219
The SS224 is the tapered blending brush. Oh my gosh! I use this brush everyday. Everyday. It blends out harsh edges. Love it! :) And the SS219 is the pencil brush. I use it to apply shadow in the crease and outer corner. It can also be uses to smudge out liner for a smokey look.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Spice Up Your Life

If you've read my blog for any significant period of time you'd know that I love Victoria Beckham's style. I think she's classy and gorgeous. :) British women just dress so sophisticated. I'm a little jealous. ;) I would love to go to London one day. Sigh. That would be an absolute dream.

Anyway, I've chosen to feature Victoria in her Elle photoshoot from 2007. This was when she was a blonde and before she went for the super short pixie look. Maybe it was after. I'm pretty sure that it was before. I'm sorry I can't remember that long ago. ;)

But I love women who can pull off a pixie hair cut. I wish I could but my long hair is kind of like my safety blanket. I went short when I was little and it was HORRIBLE!

Maybe I'm a little tramatized. But I'll eventually get over it. Just give me time. But enough of my random blabbering. Let's get to the photoshoot.

<3 Elle Magazine. I love watching The City because Joe Zee is on it! He's so funny. :)

Oh, I know I talked about a giveaway that was supposed to be posted yesterday but something came up. I had to take my cats to the vet. Smokey seems to be doing okay but he's just lying around all day. I don't know. I hope the medicine the vet gave him works.

[picture of Smokey during our move. sorry for the complete mess!]

I'm sorry the mini crisis delayed the giveaway. I'm taking pictures and going to buy the prize today. And I promise this time! :D

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Elephant Love Medley

Warning! Warning! Absolutely random blog ahead. Continue reading but know that you've been warned. ;D

Okay, to start off my random blog I'll start with a topic close to my heart. Coldplay! Of course.

I saw the picture above on Coldplay's offical website and I fell in love. By the way, I'm a huge Coldplay fan. :) I love their music. And they're one of the few bands that I actually like. Normally I just like one song but not the band. You know what I mean?

I love Clocks, Viva La Vida, Yellow, and Green Eyes! Sigh. I mean how can you not? <3

But the reason I love this piece so much is because it sort of reminds me of Moulin Rouge! Its the bright red in contrast with the neutral background. The couple is adorable. I like to think its Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman. The actual artist would probably cringe if they ever read what I was saying but this is just my interpretation of the piece.

Moulin Rouge is amazing movie but I wouldn't advise watching it if you are prone to seizures. Its a visual roller coaster to say the least. :) If you only listen to one song off the soundtrack it has to be the Elephant Love Medley. The song makes me smile every time. Its a combination of all these loves songs to make one fantastic melody.

Moving on to another completely random topic. But what to talk about? Hmmm...I know! I might be going to California this summer to visit my cousins. I'm so excited but I'm trying not to get my hopes up because it's not a set plan. It's still in the "wouldn't it be nice?" stage.

I'm going to keep my fingers crossed! :) Do any of you guys live in California? What should I do when I go there?  **End of random blog**

Hope it wasn't too boring. :) I have a special blog for tomorrow. Be sure to check back. I'm thinking it might be a giveaway... :D Bye!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Versatility is the Spice of Life

Hola. :)

Another long day--its super hot where I live. I'm not used to living in 80 degree weather. And I need to remember to wear sunscreen. I'm horrible. Well, I remember to put it on but I never remember to reapply. That's just as important.

Well, I was tagged by the wonderful writer of sketchbook six. :) I love tags. That's probably why I do them all the time. If I ever go into over tag mode--just tell me.

Okay, I have to post the award and then list seven random fact about me [that'll be hard]. Then I pass it on. I have to list random facts. I never know what to write and what constitues as random. Hmmm....

1. I'm a dedicated farmer--sort of. I have a little vegetable garden in my yard and I love it! :) I water it everyday and I'm impatiently waiting for the veggies to start and appear.

2. I'm sunburned right now. [it hurts really bad!]

3. I love watching teen-drama shows [ex. Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, Make It Or Break It, Glee]

4. Next week I'm going to start volunteering at my local animal hospital. My dad won't let me get a dog and this is the chance to get to see some. :)

5. My room is an ugly sea foam green color. I need to paint it.

6. During the school year, my friend and I have a system where each person will buy a pack of gum from Costco and then they'll provide the gum until the pack runs out. Then its the other person's turn.

7. I like to have a clean room but I'm hardly ever motivated enough to actually clean it. A lot of times my mother needs to intervene and tell me to get moving.

Umm...that's it! :) I have to go swimming with my sister and so I'll see you guys later. Bye.

Oh, I tag everyone who wants to do this! Comment below if you're doing it. I'm really nosey.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Say Goodbye.

The Hills is coming to an end. Next Tuesday, I believe, is the last epsiode. Ever since Lauren left I have not watched like I used to. I mean I'll sneak a peak if there's nothing on TV and to be perfectly honest day time television doesn't have the best programming if you're not into HSN, judge shows, or Jerry Springer. :)

The weather is still in the 90's where I live. Ugh. I hate being this warm. Its a challenge just trying to stay hydrated. :) What's the weather like where you live? I skipped tennis today because I almost died yesterday. The head guy is trying to run us into the ground and he's like, "What're you going to do when you're tired in your third set? Are you just going to go home?"

I think the heat makes him cranky. He's normally a lot nicer. Just saying. :) Hot weather just makes me lethargic. I want to sit around and doing nothing. Kind of like what my cats are doing right now. They're all just flopped on the ground. So cute!

Well, due partly to my lethargic-ness [i don't think that's a word] and partly due to the fact that I'm going to start on my summer assignments for school [booo!] I've decided to do an "I love my..." post. They're my favorite.

So enjoy Lauren Conrad and her Miu Miu Double Cross Platform Sandals. I already did a post about these shoes but she had soo many cute outfits that I decided to two.

"L.A. Candy" Signing in Austin, Texas.
Wearing Miu Miu Double Cross Platform Sandals, Linea Pelle Vintage Belt, and Lorrick Nikki Dress.

Shopping at Confederacy
Wearing: Miu Miu Double Cross Platform Sandal, Jennifer Zeuner Large Intial Necklace, Members Only Liquid Leggings, Elizabeth and James Cohen Shirt, and Rebecca Minkoff Studded Clutch.

Wearing Miu Miu Double Cross Platform Sandals, Chanel Jumbo Classic Bag, Jennifer Zeuner Large Initial Necklace, Theory Gabe B Taylor Jacket, Floral Mini Skirt, and Simple Black Tank.

Today is going to be a work day. I can feel it. :( But I'm to reverse my procrastination ways. I was literally doing all my summer assignments at the last minute last year. I think I turned in my History thing two days late because I read the date wrong. Ooops!

That's not going to happen this year. Happy summer! :) Bye.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Oh, Like We Used To

I was driving to tennis today and I heard this song. I have become obsessed!! I don't know if you've guys have heard it but its called, Like We Used To by a band called A Rocket to the Moon. Oh, I love it. :) I'm a sucker for songs about lost love. What can I say?

Will he love you like I loved you? Will he tell you everyday? Will he make you feel like your invincible with every word he'll say?
Out of curisosity what songs are you listening to? Comment below. I love hearing from you guys.

Hmmm...maybe I should warn you that this is a random blog. I have so many of those. I know. :) But I feel that random blogs are so much fun for the reader [and the writer]. I hate having everything planned out. I'm the type of girl who just perfers to just go with the flow.

Travel where the wind takes me. Are you a planner?

Oh, I can't believe I almsot forgot. Oh my gosh, Lane! Where is your brain today? [Did I mention that it was over 90 degrees today? We actually set a record. Its never been this hot, this early in the year. So, yay to record setting weather!]

But, since it NEVER gets this hot barely anyone has air-conditioning where I live. I mean it makes no sense to pay all that money and then use it only one-and-a-half months. But fans are my friend right now. :) Okay, back on topic!

Lulu's is an online clothing company. It is featured in Seventeen Magazine every month. Whenever I'm flipping throught he fashion pages I'm always lusting after all the cute Lulu's clothes. I mean seriously if you flip through the latest issue of Seventeen Lulu's will be in there at least five or six times.

Don't believe me? Go check. :) I'm not even kidding. And now you can get 15% off you next purchase before July 30th! :) I'm so excited. I'm not getting paid for promoting this company, I'm not recieving any free prodcuts, and I'm not affliated with this company in any way.

I'm just thrilled that I'm able to bring this oppourtunity to my readers. :) All you have to do is enter VIVALAFASHION at checkout. [all caps] That's super easy! Right?

Don't forget to check out Lulu's and have a great summer night. I think it'll be hard getting to sleep with all this heat. Bye! Please comment and follow. :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

June Favorites!

It's time for June Favorites! :) Yay! Not only is it my birthday month but its also the month that I got out of school for summer break. What's not to love about June? Hmm...nothing?

I haven't done my favorites for the last two months...I think...and for that I'm sorry. :) But I guess that means that this months favorites will be thrice as amazing, right?

Okay, let's get started.

1. Remember Me on BluRay
 This is such a good movie! It's not my favorite movie of all time but I loved it when I saw it. I even talked about it my Break Up the Dark post. That was three months ago and I still love it! :) I'm not a huge Robert Pattinson fan but I think he was fantastic in this movie. Why don't you watch it and see for yourself? Get some tissues, you're going to need them.

2. Too Faced Pink Leopard
This bronzor gives an amazing tan look to my face. I think its my second favorite product of all time behind Nars' Orgasm. But I wear Pink Leopard in the summer while I wear Nars' Orgasm almost non-stop  during the school year. I'm a creature of habit. But the mini size is perfect.

I can take with me in my purse, no problem. I also love the fact it has a mirror. I cannot say enough good things about this prodcut. Its totally worth the money. :)

3. OPI Strawberry Margarita/ Hot & Spicy
These are the perfect summer nail colors. They're fun and flirty. I actually I Hot & Spicy on my toes right now. My nails are clear at the moment but just because I'm too lazy to paint them. :) My sister got her nails painted with Strawberry Margarita when she and my mom got manicures. And when I saw this color on her nails I fell in love. Its a beautiful, medium pink.

But to be hoenst, if I had to buy only one. I perfer Hot & Spicy. I feel that its a bit more summer-y. It was in the recent Hong Kong Collection. And considering how many times I'll use this color this summer, it was deffaintely worth the money. But I completely recommend both. It just depends on what you're looking for.

4. Revlon's Lipstick in Peach & MAC's Dazzleglass in Moth to Flame

This is this month favorite lip combo. I love the idea about mixing the cheap and expensive. Its not about who can spend the most on makeup but rather who can find the best deals. The most expensive prodcut is not neccesarily the best. :) And Revlon's lipsticks are creamy and have amazing pigment. Plus, they're only eight dollars. Amazing deal in my opinion. And the packaging is adorable.

During school I don't like to wear chunky-chunky glitter on my lips. I think its a bit much. But I adore wearing Dazzleglasses in the summer. The sun looks beautiful reflecting off the glitter. I'm really excited to try MAC's Superglass. If you have, please leave your opinions in the comments.

 5. American Eagle Drapey Vest
 I just bought this at American Eagle like a week or two ago. So they should still be in stock but I couldn't find it on the website. Gur. So frustrating. :) But they had a few other cute "vest-igans". That's what my sister calls them. They're like a slash between a cardigan and a vest. I love wearing these during summer. Make a tee and shorts instantly chic-er by adding one of these. Or at least that's what I do.

Okay, those are my June faves. This month I found it really easy. Normally I have so much stuff and then I edit like crazy. I try to keep it under seven things. I hate it when people post blogs that seem to never end. No, I do not need to read about you must-have thirty items for June.

The first ten were cool but I just skimmed over the last twenty. I try to keep my blogs short and sweet. Hopefully, I'm succeeding...

Oh, and I have an announcement. I'll elabroate more tomorrow but from now until July 30th any reader of Viva La Fashion can get 15% off any purchase from LuLu's. :) It is one of my top five favorite clothing stores. I'm beyond thrilled!

I'll take to you guys later. Happy July! :D

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