Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How To: Sequins

Rule One [and this is serious because normally i don't believe in rules with fashion] wear sequins on only one piece of clothing. Please don't wear a sequin skirt, shirt, shoes, and jacket unless you're being a disco ball for Halloween.

Jessica does sequin effortlessly. She uses muted pieces, knowing that she shouldn't try to have too much going on. Also, jewelery isn't needed. In some way you're sequined item acts like your jewelery.

I saw this picture of Jessica and knew that I was going to be writing an entire post dedicated to sequins. Normally this doesn't happen but she looks so good! :)

Next, less is more. This sort of runs along the same lines as the 'Wear only one sequined piece' rule. But a sequined dress doesn't have to be a dress filled with sparkly, tacky sequined pieces. Jayma [from Glee!] does it brilliantly. Her dress has subtle sequined details.

At first it doesn't even appear like she's wearing any but if you look closely you can see the sun reflecting from the tiny sparkly pieces. I love this dress on her. Plus the nude shoes are perfect. There is nothing I would change. Honestly. She pulls off sequin beautifully.

Next, do the unexpected. Do sequins in a color that isn't traditionally done. Normally when I think sequins, I think silver and gold. Just because sequins glitters and precious metals glitter, doesn't mean you have to wear them only in those colors.

Brown, as worn by Blake, looks amazing. Bue is also another great option. I would generally suggest to stick with neutrals [unless you want to look like a drag queen.]. Although, that is a suggestion not a rule. Feel free to break it.

I think sequins is a fun element that would fit in effortlessly into almost any wardrobe. Here are just a few tips. Happy shopping. :)

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tattooed Hot Lil Girl in Boracay PART 2

Tattooed Hot Lil Girl in Boracay PART 1

Adore. Adore.

Oh, Karl Lagerfeld. :) I wish I could aford your clothes but alas it is not meant to be. But that doesn't mean I can't look at your cothes and adore them from afar. Wow. That kind of makes me sound a little stalker-ish. But I'm not I promise.

I've only been in a Chanel store once in my life. It was amazing even if the lady was kind of snooty and I felt like the door guy was about to tackle me at any moment. Maybe I shouldn't have worn my summer camp tye dye shirt and old jean cutoffs into the store...but my dad surprised me and drove me there without telling me where we were going.

Oh, yeah. Summer casual works at a Chanel store. [note my sarcasm] But it was a moment I will never forget. Never. Okay, moving on. Story time is over. :)

Long and loose. Love. [too many L words]. Her hair is gorgeous. And if I could have anyone's closet I would want Emma's closet. Or Posh Spice. Whichever one. I wouldn't care.

The subtle pattern is really quite lovely and the soft fabric looks so light and gives the dress an almot air-like quality. :) Not crazy about the color but I can't have it all.

This dress is edgy. Plus there's the Harry Potter poste in the background. Oh, I'm going to the amusement park in Oct! So excited. Don't tell me anything. I want to be surprised. :)

But back to the dress. the white skirt balances the leather top pefectly. I talked about leather in a recent post. Still loving it. But there isn't a ton of color but I feel that the cut is so interesting and draws the eye, that a ton of color isn't necessary. Basic is still beautiful.

Okay, enough about Emma. I'm going to talk to you guys later. Going to go to Costco with my Gram tomorrow. So much fun. :) Cherries are really expensive over here. Its like $18 for two bags of cherries. That's crazy! Okay, bye.