Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Eight Things Pt. Two

I'm Back!! I had such a blast in Florida. :) I rode the new ride in Animal Kingdom, Expedition Everest, like ten times. Literally. I loved that thing so much! :)

I could go on forever about my trip but I won't bore you guys. Just know that I had so much fun. I want to go back. Sigh. my vacation was too short. :(

Anyway, here's part dos of my eight things tag. I hope you enjoy it. This half of the tag was a lot harder to fill out than the first half. :) Well, here it goes. Enjoy...

Eight things on my wish list:

Eight words or phrases I use often:
1. like
2. cool
3. Seriously?!
4. I think I'm in love
5. that's akward...
6. Oh, jeez
7. Whatever
8. Hahahaha (does laughter count as a word/phrase? oh, well.)

Eight things I've learned from the past:
1. Forgive but don't forget
2. Don't try to put on your rollerblades while standing
3. Things can seem like the end of the world; but they probably aren't
4. Just smile
5. Harmless procrastination can easily turn into "Oh, crap! I'm screwed."
6.  Watching Step-Brothers with your friends' parents is suuuper awkward
7. I'm not a fast runner
8. Cats are a girl's best friend

Eight places I would love to visit/see:
1. Eiffel Tower/Paris
2. London
3. Japan!
4. Hollywood
5. UW (Go Dawgs!)
6. NYC
7. Disney World ( I just got back from there! And I want to go back.)
8. A really nice ski resort

Eight things I currently want/need:
1. I need a brownie!
2. I want better daytime television options
3. I want to be able to play tennis again. :(
4. I want a slice of stuffed crust pizza
5. I want to go on a trip to the beach
6. I need to sleep more
7. I need to do all my missing math homework...
8. I need to do the dishes