Monday, August 31, 2009

I Love Your Blog

I woke this morning and turned on my computer expecting to do a blog about my clothes that I'd gotten on my trip but I went to The Redhead Fashionista's blog and saw that she'd nominated me for the I love Your Blog Award.
There are no words to express how excited I am. Afterall this is my first award! :) I'd like to thank The Redhead Fashionista for giving me this award. Thank you so much!
I want to pass this award to the following people even if they've probably already recieved this:

All of these ladies are amazing and I would recommend dropping by their blogs. Thank you again! :D

Sunday, August 30, 2009


I recently got back from my trip to my aunts. A five-hour plane trip is long and I needed something to pass the time. Luckily I'd purchased Tori Spelling's newest book, Mommywood. Although I'll admit that I haven't read her first book, sTori Telling, I adore her show. I think that Liam is so precious and Tori and Dean make a super cute couple.

I haven't seen the last two episodes since I returned but I have plans to spend some quality time with a delicious smoothie, some snacks, and my OnDemand as I try to savor the last few days of freedom before I head back to school.

I purchases this book because on the show we got to see the process behind its publication. [we saw Tori writing, attending the photo for the book's cover, and picking which picture would go on the cover]. I was surprised by how much I loved this book. Tori, the self-titled "Queen of Gays", has a brilliant sense of humor.

Mommywood is basically a documentation of Tori as she takes on the role of mommy in the crazy LA-LA Land. Her feud w/ her mother is well known and Tori reflects on what she loved about her childhood and the things she wanted to change for her children. This is common among parents--who always want to give their children more than they had as a child. But when you're Aaron Spelling's daughter there's not much you didn't have.

Tori never seems to take herself too seriously, which is incredibly refreshing and endearing. She also shares her struggle with being married to Dean--who seems to be perfecting at being a hands on parenting. She also discusses her fears about raising a daughter in the high-pressure world in California.

Her children, Liam and Stella, are beyond adorable! Its a nice read for a relaxing weekend or a long bubble bath. Nothing too serious. But a great chick-lit read.
If you've read this book, leave your thoughts int he comments. Don't forget to follow my blog through GFF. Links to right. Thank you for reading and I'll see you guys later!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

What's in a Scent?

Scents, like taste, is something that separates us from the group. Even the best of friends have different likes and dislikes when it comes to smell. Although some smells are universal (is it safe for me to say that almost everyone dislikes the smell of an unclean bathroom?) perfumes are not.

Perfumes, soaps, and anything scented are not something you should take people's word for. I've heard countless people say that they adore the smell of Lush's Therapy Massage Bar and when I first smelled it at the store I think I actually gagged. But I bought it anyway (don't know what I was thinking) and I keep trying to smell it in hopes that I guess maybe miraculously the scent will change and I'll see what everyone else smell. But it never happens. Needless to say I don't use it very often. :(

But during my trip to my aunt's, I visited my first Sephora. I'm not sure if I already mentioned this but I was so excited. I don't know if it was because it was like ten in the morning and the store was pretty deserted, but the costumer services was AMAZING! They constantly asked me if I was alright or if I needed anything. <3

So they had a wall of perfumes. I instantly fell in love. I just couldn't stop smelling them and I'm completely sure that I left that store smelling like... I don't know what. But I'm sure I didn't smell good.

Anyway so I fell in love with four scent when I was there and I ended up buying two of the scents. (one in the store and one later in the week at the Nordstrom Rack) But the one I bought in the store was Juicy Couture's Juicy Couture fragrence. Now I only bought the small roll on kind that was like twenty dollars or something like that but I thought it would be nice to get to go along with my Viva La Juicy perfume that I already had at home (that perfume was what I named my blog after. just a little fun fact.)

Then I <3>Pink Sugar. It really does reminded me of the smell of cotton candy. I just can't get over how sweet I smell. I didn't buy it in the store because I felt kind of guilty spending like fifty bucks on perfume but I got it later at the Nordstrom Rack. I seriously do not regret my purchase! :)

The other two I really liked and considered buying before I saw the price were Michael Kors' Very Hollywood. It's scent is really light and kind of floral-y. But I like it soo much. They smell is just so subtle and magnificent and who doesn't love Michael from Project Runway?

The other was Burberry's scent The Beat. Just another fun fact: I'm like obsessed with Burberry. It's not really like a cutting edge fashion line, its more conservitive and classy. And even though I don't buy a lot of stuff from there (too expensive) I love to look. I became even more obsessed when I saw Emma Watson in their new campaign ads. She looks so good! :) But Burberry deffinately ranked in top five favorite desginers and I was not disappointed in their perfume.

I would not recommed buying anytype of perfume or scented product online unless you've already smelt the product. Especially if its a designer perfume. It would be a waste to spend all that money and then not even like the perfume.

I know that department store have a lot of perfume counters but I really don't like going to them because I feel a little awkward standing there trying perfumes and then the lady (sometimes ladies) is/are standing there just watching me. A little awkward. And then because I look a little young I've gotten attitude because they think I won't buy the product. Sephora is just easier because you get to just choose from a wall and smell.

What are your favorite scents? Do you like perfume or body spray? Please Comment & Follow!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Fall Shows

I look forward to Fall for two reasons and two reasons only. First, it gives me an excuse to buy more stuff. (fall shopping). Second, the return of prime time television.
I will admit that summer programs have gotten better as the years pass. I aboslutely love Secret Life of the American Teenager and Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami. (I still can't believe she's preggers. I always thought she was younger than thirty but back to the topic at hand)
I'm sooo excited for Fall shows to premiere. The return of the old, the start of the new, it's all so exciting. This blog is dedicated to the shows I'm so excited for. Eeek! :)
NCIS/NCIS: Los Angelos
The original, in my opinion, recieves far less attention than it deserves and I blame this partially on its competion for the Tues. night competetion (American Idol). I mean come on who are these people that still watch this show? I find the entire thing boring but that's just my opinion. Take it or leave it. But I'm so excited for its return and the premiere of its new spin off. Hello LL Cool J! :) (we'll see if you're as good an actor as you are a rapper. )
Vampire Diaries
If you don't know by now, I'm telling you today, I am obsessed with Twilight. I love the book (hate the movie & Rob Pattinson for that matter. well I don't hate him, he's just no the Edward I pictured in my mind. :( But for some reason I'm still excited for the New Moon Premiere) but I'm so excited. I'm hoping that this show lives up to my expectations. I've bought all the books and I'm looking forward to reading and reviewing them for you all. I've heard its a good series, so crossies! :)
Ghost Whisperer
I'll be the first one to admit that at times (and those times are numerous) that this show confuses the heck out of me. (In perspective not as much as Lost but its still a trip) But I love the ghosts and Melinda. Sometimes I wish the storylines weren't so predicatble (the ghost is always misunderstood and caring) and i wish that Melinda used her powers to help murder victims and stufff but I don't think I'll get my wish. I'm excited to see the five year jump that's supposed to happen this next season. :)
Big Bang Theory/How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM)
I combined these two shows together because they are on the same night on the same station. A lot of people are turned off by The Big Bang Theory because of its title and let me tell you the show has really nothing to due with the whole creation vs. evolution issue. It's just a funny show about geeks living next door to a pretty girl named Penny. I love Sheldon & Leonard! HIMYM is super cute. I love how they have a relatable couple (Lily & Marshall) who seem to have real love yet are still a disfunctional couple. Barney is hilarious with all his shinangins but Ted is the sweatheart of the show. Its dry wit and sense of humor is so entertaining. :)
Others Included ( I didn't have space to write a paragraph about all the shows I'm interested in)
  • Metalist
  • CSI
  • Biggest Loser
  • 90210/Gossip Girl
  • Cougar Town
  • Eastwick
  • TBL
  • America's Next Top Model (a little less fake this year, please Tyra?)

What are your favorite shows? Please Comment & Follow!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Piece of Reese

Reese Witherspoon. She's one of the few people in Hollywood who seems to have her stuff together. Not only was she adorable in Legally Blonde but I love her style and class. Plus she seems like she can do simple math and has more brains that a monkey.

Anyway, not only do a I respect her as an actress but I love her style. She seems to be able to put together the cutests styles. :D What's your opinion of Reese?

This is a really quick blog after my return trip from my aunt's. Can you believe that I had no access to the internet?! Ugh! :(

Anyway, I just visited the biggest mall I've EVER been to. But I love it. :D

With Summer coming to an end, what was your best summer memory? And who's your Hollywood fashion inspiration? Sorry for the lack of blogs lately. :)

Random question but would anyone want me to do a post on the clothes I bought on my trip? IDK. Be honest. :)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Fall Needs: Jackets

Fall is upon us. Summer is almost gone and with it the opportunity to wear short sleeves and high hems. But one of the first thing any self respecting girl buys for Fall is a good jacket. Although a lot of girls at the high school and middle school haven't figured out that jackets look cute, keep them warm, and can be taken off once inside.

They insist on walking to school in a mini skirt and thin cardigan. Hey here's a tip: if there is snow on the ground put a jacket on. (many of you think I'm exaggerating but you wouldn't believe the things I see on my drive in the morning)
So since I like to keep warm and I love jackets, they are always something I pick up for my Fall /Winter closet. The first type of jacket that I think is super cute is the pea coat-like jacket. Its super warm because of the material its made out of and I really want to get one in white, navy, or mustard. Taylor chose a great color and she looks warm. :)

The next jacket I kind of debating on whether I should get it is the jacket that Bella wore in Twilight. (I'm a little obsessed. Although I never got the Rob Pattinson appeal) But I'm just a little worried that I will blend in with all the high schoolers already wearing this jacket. hmmm....Its a dilemma but maybe if I got it in white the not as many people will match me. Oh, I don't know. But please don't judge me, I just really liked the books. (the movie was horrible but for some reason I found it hilarious when I first watched it. Why did Kristen feel the need to stutter for three minutes when Edward was telling her he was leaving. (Ok, I know it was shocking but wasn't that shocking.) Ok, Twilight rant over. Sorry. :) Moving on to jackets.

The next jacket I really want to find is a leather jacket. But I'm a little afraid that I'll end up looking a little like a wannabe biker but I'm hoping that won't happen. I saw this one in Marie Claire and I just fell. I couldn't take my eyes away from it. I love it.

What type of jacket are you going to buy for fall? How do you think I could wear a leather jacket and keep it un-bikery? I bought one but that's my biggest fear.

Please comment & follow! :)

Photos curtesy of People Magazine, Pac Sun, & Guess

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Attack of the Plaid!


It is official. Plaid is everywhere. And I mean everywhere.
On today's Project Runway special epsiode entitled Project Runway: All Star Challenge I saw plaid in the place I least expected it. Chris made two super cute garmets made of plaid. I was a little surprised because (a) they looked so good and not at all costumey and (b) because they looked so good and it was made out of plaid.
As I've started to buy clothes for Fall, I've noticed all of the plaid. But shifting through plaid garmet after plaid garmet I would have to blind not to have noticed. Plaid skirts, shirts, glasses, pants, vests, dresses, belts, jackets, etc. etc. I can only imagine what schools will look like in the fall...what a nightmare.

Where did this sudden obsession with this pattern begin? I remember when plaid was only worn by cowboys or my Uncle Carlton. But now its worn by everyone. And I know that I might sound like a plaid hater but I don't. I think if worn right like Nikki, Jessica, and Lauren. So chic.

But there are many, and I mean many ways to end up looking like a Scottish impersonator. See picture to the left. hmmmm....not the look I'm assuming most of you ladies are going for. _____
I will admit that I have plaid shirts. Yes, I too don't know why I'm so attracted to the pattern but I find myself drawn to its acclectic colored lines and patches. I'm not sure I will ever figure out what about plaid makes it so hot at the moment. But I will wear my pink plaid top, destressed jeans, & wayfarer sunglass with confidence and smile at all the other girls who seemed to be dressed exactly like me.
It's seen on the runway, celebrties, and just normal girlies like me. If you haven't done so yet, jump on board, before plaid becomes a long forgotten memory except in the closets of the Scottish, the cowboys, and good ole Uncle Carl. :)

Dress Like Blake

Blake Lively at a photo shot for Nylon.

Gossip Girl is not just a show about teenagers making out and making stupid descions. I also watch it for the fashion. I don't really care what the boys wear but Chuck sometimes, no I take that back, most of the time he really puzzles me. Hmmm....

Anywho...Blair, played by Leighton Meester, is the Audrey Hepburn-esic girl of the group. She likes classic lines and headbands. If you want to dress like Blair wear headbands. But she has a cute style that fits a high schooler trying to be taken seriously be her elders.

Jenny, played by Taylor Momsen, used to be the cute girl next door who had style on a budget but now...yikes! Why did she chop her beautiful hair? It was the type of hair most girls would kill for but now she has the almost mullet she's sporting. eww! I know she said in her interveiw with Teen Vouge that she cut her hair because the style was more her but....ewww!

Finally Serena, played by Blake Lively, is the golden girl. She doesn't have a hippy look exactly but she is more laid back than the rest. She dresses like it looks like she just threw things on. And on her tall frame it works.

Anyway the picture above is of Blake at a Nylon shoot. The look is super cute. I found garmets that look similar to the ones above. It's a way to get your own piece of Blake's style. Enjoy.

Crop Moto Jacket; Wet Seal $34.50

H81 Anchor Tab Plaid Shirt; H81 $19.90

Yellow Satin Swing Skirt; Heritage 81 $13.80

Do you guys enjoy "Dress Like..." blogs or do you guys want something else? I'm just trying something new. Please comment and follow! :D

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Strike A Pose

Tomorrow. Tomorrow.

That's when the long awaited Project Runway new episode comes on. Yes, Lifetime is the new host and I don't know what that means for the show but I hope its a good thing. I miss Tim, Heidi, Nina, & Micheal. But especially Tim.

Did you guys see him on Drop Dead Diva (summer fav.) last week? "What is this project run on sentence?" Oh, Tim. :D

But this season will be awesome. But if you guys don't want to hear me have a mini rant about Th Fashion Show skip down to where it says end. :)

What was Bravo thinking when they replaced Project Runway (super classy with fashion model host Heidi Klum) with wannabe The Fashion Show with Kelly Rowland (what does she have to do with fashion? Don't we all remember her days with Destiny's Child? circa. "Say My Name" eww. :P)

But I'm done ranting. I did say mini, :) END.

But I'm just so excited. I think about all the great fashion designers that have been on that show and its so exciting. Sorry if I'm sounding kind of redundant but Project Runway is the only...talent kind of competition show I watch. Not American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, or Survivor. This show is so much better. I mean it has Tim Gunn. Need I say more?

But watch it comes on August 20 at 10p/11c and decide for yourself. :D

Who's your favorite designer? I love Christian & Chloe!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pink & Pamper

Manicures. I could sit back anytime, anywhere and happily get a manicure. Or a pedicure. Doesn't matter to me. Although pedicures scared me slightly due to the fungul thing. But I try to tell myself I'm being crazy. (then I specifically ask for the lady to bleach the bowl, I'm blanking on what its acutally called, before I put my foot in it) Handy tip: any place that charges you for that serive (& I've had that happen) isn't a good nail salon. Go somewhere else. :)

But since I'm not made of money I like to give myself manicures. Its a little treat that costs me however much a bottle of nail polish costs.

But now none of you probably know this but...I have another addiction other than shopping. I collect nail polishes. I know it sounds dumb but I love experimenting with different colors & designs. Although I can never quite make my french tips look quite as well as I'd like but I'm over it. (kind of)Princesses Rule! (OPI) over a coat of Got a Date To-Knight! (OPI)

Anyway. My favorite brands are OPI (small but highly prized part of my collection) & Splash which is a small cosmetic company based out of my home state. Their nail polishes are super cute & cheap but at this time I don't think you can buy them online. I order mine through a girl I know and I'm not sure how she does it. hmmm.....

But moving on. I love experimenting (although I'm kind of conservative design-wise). You won't see me walking aroung with crazy flamingos on my fingers (p.s. thats a little trashy).

____________________ Princesses Rule!
But a good portion of my money goes towards nail polish. Its like I said earlier an addiction. But its makes me happy. At least I don't pay for manicures as often as I could. That would be a complete waste of money. But from time to time I pamper myself & let someone else do the work.

How do you pamper yourself?

Crazy for Bella Dawn

Bella Dawn. Most people reading this have no idea what I'm talking about. Or maybe you do. I don't know. But up until this past week or two, I had no idea who or what Bella Dawn was.
I noticed that my friend had a super cute bag, the one pictured above, & I wanted to know where she got it. I'm not sure how she fonud out about Bella Dawn but she took me to the website for this small boutique in NJ. The clothes were cute (some were over priced) but I fell for the bags.
The Bags! Oh, how to describe the bags. There were clutches, satchels, & totes. Oh my. But they were so cute. The bag above is kind of expensive (and most of the bags were out of my price range)but take a look at the cheaper options like the cute Yellow Flap Satchel ($19.00) or the Black Skin Clutch Bag ($16.00).
I was so excited seeing this boutique. I've always wanted to shop at one but in my small town they're hard to find. Bags from this store have been featured in Cosmo, Lucky, & InStyle. So if you don't trust me, trust a professional. :)
I had to blog about my new found obsession. Its a cute place to get ideas although the section where you can buy personal consultation on your wardrobe threw me off & I wouldn't personally use that (I don't think its worth the moeny) but then again, I'm content with my closet. I have my fashionista of a sister to help me & I realize that not eveyone is that lucky. It sometimes is a good idea to call in a professional for help. But make that descion for youself.
Overall, this store is super cute & trendy. At least when you shop here, you can be pretty sure that most of your friends won't have what you have. Its a way to seperate yourself from the crowd. Enjoy!
This is my first experience with Bella Dawn. So please post comments about your ecperiences. Good or Bad. :D

Monday, August 17, 2009

Elizabeth & James

Since my first blog today was more of an introduction than a blog. I want to give you guys a taste of what a normal day on my blog will be like. I still don't know what my voice will be, after all this is only my 2nd blog, but I'm going to make sure its super relatable.

The summer is coming to an end and that means Fall Collections are coming out. Yeah! :D I just saw Elizabeth & James' new Fall Collection (click here to see for yourself) & I must say I'm in love! Its a lot more conservative, color wise than their summer collection. But thats how most fall collections seem to be. After all summer is fun in the sun while fall is more work oriented clothes. And it gets colder so more layers are also seen.

But this collection is great for any girl who needs basic jackets, dresses, shirts that will stay in their closets forver. And I mean forever. (And whenever you're buying pricey designer pieces make sure that it will be something that will last forever) These pieces are made up of greys, blacks, whites. All great basic colors to go with any flamboyant pieces you bought last season.

My favorites (even though I could never afford them) are the Degas dress, Marissa top, & New CPO Jacket. I don't know why I torture myself & let myself look at all the stuff I could never afford. But I do. :) Fashion desginers are my guilty pleasure. I love Burberry, Juicy Couture, & Alice + Olivia. They're way out of my price range but I still enjoy looking.

What do you think about the collection? & what desginers are you totally obsessed with?

Viva La Fashion

Hello, ladies. This is my first blog. Its exciting & scary all at the same time. :)

I'm not here saying I have all the asnwers, because I know for a fact that I don't. (But then again does anyone ever have all the answers?) This blog is for girls to talk about anything.

School. Love. Make-up. Hair. And especially...Clothes!

I'm addicted to fashion. But then again it shoudn't come as a shock as my username is Viva La Fashion. It was a no brainer. But as my first blog, I want to have as much interaction with my readers as possible. Feel free to comment about anything I write & I don't mind constructive critisim. Focus on the word constructive.

Don't be mean just to be mean. And the things I write here are my personal opinion & I'll try to be as real with you as possibly possible. After all ,this is just one girl writing to a world of girls. I'm here to write, listen, & learn.

So, here are a few things about me:

Name: Lane (not Lanie! eww!)
Fav. color: Purple
Fav. movies: The Dark Knight, UP, Howl's Moving Castle, The Holiday, Singing in the Rain, & too many to list. I am a movie buff. So always feel free to recomend a good movie. :)
Fav. sport: Tennis
Fav. TV shows: Make it or Break it, 10 Things I Hate About You, NCIS, CSI, & Criminal Minds

That's about all I can think about writing so...peace out.

Eeek! :D This is so exciting! Please comment.