Saturday, May 1, 2010

April Favorites!!

The title is a little self explantory. I don't think I need much of an intro. Just got done with my SAT's and I hope I did good. Crossies. :) It just took so long. And my AP test start next week. Wish me luck! Oh, so nervous.

MAC's Dazzleglass Moth To Flame
This favorite kind of goes together with my other favorite, Laura Geller's Nice-n-Nude. They look so pretty together. So pretty. I've had this in my collection for a while and I thought it was pretty but it was never a favorite. Its a favorite now! I mean how could it not be? :) Its so pretty.

I'm not a brand name makeup person by any means. And this eyeliner is just as good as a brand name liner. I lost the cap to mine a while ago but I still love the color. I wear this on my lower lashline when I'm sporting a really neautral eye. Plus isn't purple supposed to make brown eyes pop?

I've talked about this open before! :) In my earlier post, Kick Back and Relax. I still love it. And this had to make its way into my April Favorites post. It was a no brainer. I won't bore you guys with another ramble about why I love nude lips.
Icepacks and Ankle Braces
I sprained my ankle! I know. That means I can't play tennis for like a week. This is so frustrating. And so icepacks and ankle braces have become my best friend. Maybe these aren't my favorites becuase I like my sprained ankle but the packs and the braces make it less painful. :)

I love this movie despite the cheesiness and the bad acting. :) My dad bought it for me and I was so excited. Taylor Lautner is so much cuter than Robert Pattinson. Just saying. Hahaha. :) It was so much better than Twilight. So much better. Maybe its becacuse Robert Pattinson isn't in the movie as much. Please don't hate me Rob fans!

What were your April favorites?