Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Can I Have Moore, Please?

Demi Moore looks amazing! I mean its hard to believe that this stunning woman is only 47! Woah! That's amazing. I don't know how she does it but I think all of America wants to know. Or at least I want to know.

One of the reasons I love Harper's Bazaar is the fact that all of the photoshoots are so unique and different. They're not just a girl with cool clothes on a white background. They're so cool and I love them. Demi's was especially cool. I mean not every photoshoot involves a giraffe, giant chairs, and a bunch of red balloons. :)

Demi's interview was really fun to read and the pictures were even funner to look at!

Demi's movie Ghost was soooo good. :) It was so sweet and perfect. Plus, who didn't love Demi in Charlie's Angels? She was amazing. The ending wasn't what I expected to say the least.

Watched the new episode of Tori and Dean in Hollywood and I loved it! I've only seen like two episodes plus the  season premiere so far. I loved the part when Tori was trying to buy the ostrich. Hahaha. What does a person do with an ostrich?  :)

Then I loved it when Tori was worried that the RV would tip over and so she said that they was too much gay on one side of the bus and that one of the Guncles (Gay Uncles) needed to sit on the other side. :) So funny. :)

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