Sunday, May 2, 2010

Posh Madness

It's another Victoria Beckham post. I just love this girl! :)

You know what I just realized? That Victoria wrote a book! :) I didn't know that. Some Spice Girls fan I am. Its called That Extra Half Inch: Hair, Heels, and Everything in Between. I think I might check it out the next time I head over to the library.

Well, here's Victoria and her Christian Louboutin Maggie Platform Pumps! :)

Out in London. Wearing Christian Louboutin Maggie Platform Pumps, Rolex Day Date
Presidential Wristwatch, Chanel Jacket, and Chanel Sweater.

Heading out to a Private Party in Seattle with her Husband David Beckham. Wearing
Christian Louboutin Maggie Platform Pumps and Unknown Black Dress.

At the Laker Games in Los Angelos. Wearing Christian Louboutin Maggie Platform
Pumps, Hermes Shiny Crocodile Birkin Bag, Rick Owens Ribbed Jersey
Tank Top, and Victoria Beckham Denim Cigarette Slim Jeans.
I'm so excited because for the next two days I have half days! Yay! And then next Saturday is Sub-Districts for Tennis. My ankle feels good so I think I'll be able to play! Go Rams! :) Hahaha. If you have one, what's your school's mascott? Are rams a common mascott. Just wondering. Wow, I just used a ton of exclamation points. Way too many but I'm really excited.

Talk to you guys later! :D Still  obsessed with Hey, Soul Sister and Breakeven. Listening to them right now!