Thursday, May 20, 2010

Black and Blue

Okay. I have to get back into the blogging mood. :) I was playing around with Polyvore earlier and figured I would just post this one. I made it a while ago but I never posted it. Oh, well. It entitled "Black and Blue". Kind of self-explanatory, huh? :) If you are interested in anything just click here.

I obviously wasn't thinking about blogging when I put so many oobjects in the frame. There are just too many to write in my blog. And it would get terribly confusing.

Here's a quick update. :) I now have about 390 followers. Exciting! I only need ten more to reach 400! I never thought that this many people would actually want to read what I had to write but thank you! I really appreciate all the people who actually take the time to read my blog. Thank you.

Pizza is cooking in the oven and its almost dinner time. I have yet to unpack but I'm getting super lazy. Instead I'm procrastinating. I'm thinking up every excuse not to do the homework I missed over my trip. I never learn but I think I'm going to wait until the weekend to start.

I know. I'll regret this later but what can you do? I couldn't sleep on the plane but I did do a lot of reading. Read Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick and got about half-way through The Last Song. Obviously by Nicholas Sparks.

I had orginally planned to read The Last Song before I watched the movie but I only got about two chapters into it. Then on my plane ride I figured it was about time to finish the thing. But I didn't. I can't read fast enough. :)

Back to my Polyvore, isn't that black blazer with electric blue liner adorable? Sigh. If only it weren't so expensive. I think I've written enough for one day. I'll talk to you guys later. :) Bye!

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