Friday, January 7, 2011

Stay Warm and Chic with 3.1 Phillip Lim

I'm a little obsessed! I was practically drooling as I scrolled through every picture. It was hard, but I managed to narrow it down to my favorite looks. Which looks are your favorite?

The mixture of warm chocolate browns, light greys, and navy blues is divine. Is there anything more edgy fashion that socks and heels? The minimalistic cut of the leather dress is so chic.

A simple round neckline is a chic alternative to a v-neck. Formal shorts are another chic alternative to a sleek dress pant. This chic rust color is the perfect color for fall.

Mix rocker and romance with a pink dress suit and edgy leather jacket. This unique blue-green is a simple dress that is so versatile. It is a modern twist on lady-like and the possibilities with this dress are endless.

Minimalistic pieces are basic that will live in any closet forever. Lim's take on the fashion sweat is pink and drool-worthy. The over-sized blue coat is equally drool worthy. It is perfect for winter/fall.  

Those tailored pants are perfection. The slighter higher waisted fit is perfect for any woman who'd like to hide a slit muffin top. I also love the decision to have the clasp slightly off center. Every girl needs a little white dress. The delicate draping and crisp look makes this dress so desirable.

Fur has always been a symbol for grace, elegance, and sophistication. Lim just took this pre-fall collection, as an opportunity to update a well-love look. Many women feel as if they can't pull off a full fur coat and this sleeve trimmed alternative is perfect for those women. Just because the weather is cold does not mean bold colors have to disappear.

A slightly mod inspired orange sheath is perfect for any formal occasion. The ruched neckline add a touch of elegance. I have fallen in love with this cream vest and emerald green sweater combination. Sequined down the arms keep the look young and modern.

Click here to see the entire collection. There were so many beautiful pieces that I didn't have room to share with you. Please follow my blog and become a fan on Facebook! I would be so grateful. Thank you to all my readers that have stayed with me for so long.