Saturday, January 15, 2011

Kate Bosworth's Street Style

Blue Crush is the movie that made me want to learn to surf. The surfing thing never worked out but my friend's mother loves this movie. She is all about female impowerment and strength. Random. But its the first thing that popped into my head. JSYK. This is the second post  I've written today. Going a bit on a blogging spree. I've really fallen in love with Kate's style. What do you think?

Kate Bosworth in a simple tee and jeans [left] and Topshop tank, light-wash jeans, and Alexander Wang bag [right].

Kate is casual in a graphic tee, jeans, and a Mulberry bag. She mixes the neutrals together to create deminsion and depth to her outfit. The leopard goes with both the dark-wash color of her jeans and the bold print on her tee. She pairs her outfit with simple black pumps--a great way to elongate the body and fix posture.

This is how to wear light-wash jeans. If done wrong, light-wash jeans can look a little tacky but Kate makes them fashion with her boho styling and loose fit. Tight light-wash jeans look horrible! They make your thighs look wider. They're just not good. But with her loose fit top, strappy sandals, and simple jewelery make it work. [accidental Tim Gunn quote]

Kate Bostworth in a pastel yellow dress [left] and a Missoni dress [right].

I don't know why pastels aren't as popular as they should be. Pastels are great on most skin-tones and its not just for Easter. The simple cut is great asset to Kate's boho closet. Her pale Chloe sunglasses and Marant booties take the look up a notch.

Kate proves that neutrals pack a huge impact. The sheer fabric is expertly draped across her body. The simple cut-out adds a bit of sexiness without showing any skin. Kate put her hair in a tight bun and she chose delicate shoes as to not distract from the expertise craftsmanship that went into constructing the beautiful dress. Her rose colored lips are pure perfection.

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