Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Big Bang Theory + Christian Louboutin

I didn't watch the Golden Globes this weekend. Gasp. I was browsing twitter and that was what everyone was talking about. I feel so out of the loop. But I wasn't feeling too well and so I spent the day eating ramen and watching The Big Bang Theory. I was a bum. But I'm still feeling a little lazy, so today's post is really, really short. Sorry.

I adore these brown booties. They're perfect for spring/summer. Recently I've been starting to transition my wardrobe for the coming season--even though the winter weather is adament that it won't be leaving anytime soon. It's just cold and wet where I live. But preparing for the future is a good thing, right?

Imagine pairing this boot with a nautical inspired blue and white striped shirt or a floral summer dress. Sigh. They would look so good. I love the color black, don't get me wrong, but I recently wrote a post from a lovely girl named Abby and it made me fall in love with chocolate accessories. Click here to the see the post. It's one of my favorites from the new year.

That's all for today. I told you it was going to be really, really short. I have two English papers to write and of course I procrastinated. What else is new? Please check out my twitter and my Facebook page. Links are in the sidebar. And don't forget to follow my blog through bloglovin' or Google Friend Finder. Thanks for reading! Bye.