Friday, January 7, 2011

Nikki Reed's Street Style

Welcome to my blog. Today I'm going to feature a few pictures of Nikki Reed and her unique and laid-back street style. She is most recognized as the ice-queen Rosalie from the Twilight Saga and I know that I've blogged about Nikki and the entire Twilight cast before. I'm a bit of a Twi-hard. <3

Nikki Reed in a pea coat, jeans, and biker boots [left] and in a berry-colored mini and strappy heels [right].

Nikki wears this warm peacoat with a hood with an odd mix of elegance and grit. I adore her biker-inspired boots and I think a great peacoat should appear in almost every girl's closet. [exceptions should be made for girls that live incredibly close to the equator] In the next look Nikki mixes it up with this beautifully colored mini. The length hits her right above the knee and makes her legs look long and lean. Add a pair of delicate heels and the look is complete.

Nikki Reed in jean cutoffs, a black tee, and an orange cardigan [left] and a blue top, shorts, and an over sized grey cardigan [right].

Nikki looks super chic while hanging out her Twilight co-star, Elizabeth Reaser. She loves wearing her sunnies and I'm sure if I were a celebrity I would never leave the house without mine. I especially love their tortoise print. She also paired a very casual outfit with sleek, menswear-inspired shoes. In the next picture she almost looked like she grabbed a snuggie and left the house. The pop of sea blue is an excellent contrast to her olive complexion.

Tonight is a homemade Vampire Diaries marathon. I haven't been watching this season and my friend Ally and I have to get all caught up. If you like this blog click the follow button or become a fan on Facebook. But no pressure. Thanks for reading!