Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Season. New Look.

As spring transforms into summer, I'm going to transform my ugly, un-chic room into one that I, a self-professed HGTV junkie, can be proud of!

Right now, its just a mess. A catastrophe, more like it. But this is going to change.

You know what helps the design process go along smoother? A website like CSN. You can buy a chic bathroom vanity, a stunning lamp, or even this classic vase. :) I mean its the perfect one-stop shop. It makes everything so much more easier.

CSN has asked me to review one of their products. :) They hosted my previous giveaway and it was a huge success! I'm thrilled to be working with CSN again.

But this is just a sneak peak. Check back to see what I purchased. Aren't you curious. :)