Saturday, June 5, 2010

Converse: Tried and True

Okay, before I get to the meat of my blog post, I wanted to show you guys this. This is a video of a guy from Quest Crew (from America's Best Dance Crew) doing these amazing tricks and I was amazed. Part of me is  so jealous because I wish I had skills like that. :) But sadly I don't. Plus I'm so uncoordinated I would look like a complete fool.

Its the second to last weekend before summer. Yay! I also took my SAT's today. Talk about a waste of a Saturday morning. The energy was literally sucked out of my body. I was a zombie afterwards but a nap can work miracles.

Anyway, here's a "I Love My..." post. Its in honor of my Converse that died over my trip to Florida. I'm still
really bummed about that. My birthday is coming up and I'm trying to hint to my family about getting news ones. I hope it works.

Riding her bike in Toluca Lake. Wearing Black Converse, Fendi Borsa Forever Messenger Bag, Splendid Very Light Jersey V-Neck Tee, Simple Light-Wash Cutoffs.

Visiting Geaorgetown UMC and Children's Hosiptal. Wearing Black Converse, True Religion Addison Jacket, Habitual Skinny Jeans, and Fornian Top.

Out for lunch in Nashville. Wearing Black Converse, Juicy Couture Striped Jersey Cardigan, 'Nashville is the new L.A.' Tee, Black Hardware Embellished Belt, and Medium Wash Skinny Jeans.

I don't know what it's been but I have had the hiccups for the longest time. I've tried holding my breath and drinking water but it hasn't worked. And look as soon as I typed that my hiccups disappeared. Sigh. That's a relief. :)

But I've gotten them a lot today. Hiccups--that is. Thankfully I didn't get them during the SAT's. Everyone in that room would've ended up giving me the death glare. Although there was this one guy who kept dropping his calculator.

I'm counting down the days until school ends. It just can't get here fast enough. I cannot wait until Drop Dead Diva returns. But Royal Pains is back! They were my two favorite shows last summer. Probably because they were so darn good. Lena recently blogged about Royal Pains, reminding me that I'd missed the season premiere.

Happy Saturday! Bye. :) Don't forget to check out my giveaway. Or don't. No pressure.