Friday, June 11, 2010

"You Have to Be As Mad As a Hatter"

I just saw the new Alice in Wonderland! OMG. I loved it. :) Like it is amazing. If you haven't seen it...then you need to go see it. I got this movie on BluRay for my birthday and I finally got around to watching it. Oh, and I also got chip-wiches for my birthday.

I'm thinking about doing a birthday haul but it won't be until after I finish school. I find it ironic that some of my teachers have not taught me anything all year long and then all of a sudden they feel inspired my the "teaching/testing fairy". So frustrating...

But all my finals should be done by Monday. I hope. :) The last day of school they don't take attendance so I plan on going to go play tennis with my friends. It's not considering skipping if your teachers tell you not to come to school, right?

Anyway...I can't get over how much I loved that movie. Actually I like anything with Annie Hathaway and Johnny Depp. So...its no surprise that this movie turned out as great as it did. :) But I'm moving onto the meat of my blog post. It is an "I Love My..." post featuring Ashley Tisdale.

Shopping at Barney's New York in Beverly Hills. Wearing Ray Ban Wayfarers, Desert Blue The Pheonix Skinny Jeans, YSL Muse Handbag, Christian Louboutin Patent Ankle Booties, and Peace Out Fuzz Fleece Hoodie.

Victoria Secrets Pink Nation Spring Break Event. Wearing Christian Louboutin Patent Ankle Booties, Jet by John Eshaya Skinny Jeans, Bubblegum Pink Tank, and Dogeared Wood Bracelet.

Leaving Haylie Duff's House. Wearing Christian Louboutin Patent Ankle Booties, Prada Sunglasses, Joie Trip Dolman Sweater, and J Brand Lightweight Jeans.

What's your new favorite movie? :) Please comment below! I have to get some sleep because I'm attending graduation tomorrow. Get to send off those seniors! :D