Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Floating Over the City

I love Kate Winslet. She was amazing in The Holiday (one of my favorite romantic comedies!) and Titanic (I cired when Jack died in the end). And when I went on my trip to visit my grandma this summer this was the magazine I read on my back from her house.

This issue was the issue that started my love with Harper's Bazaar. I kind of only bought it because Kate was on the cover and because I'd already read all the other magaines at the newstand. :) But I really, really liked this magazine. I still have it sitting in my bathroom. A place of honor, I'm sure. :)

Here are the pictures that made me fall in love with this magazine. I love the picture of Kate floating above the city. Sooo pretty.

Kate's so pretty. :) I also liked her in the movie, Sense and Sensability. I watched it last year OnDemand and I was shocked becuase the guy who played Snape of the Harry Potter movies was in the movie. He played Colonel Brandon.

It was just so odd because in my mind he's Snape. No one else can be Snape and in my mind he can't be anyone other than Snape. :) I don't maybe its just me.

Have you ever seen The Holiday? No? Then go and watch it! Its so good. :) Plus I have the score on my iPod because I just love the music that Hans Zimmer created. Yeah, I'm a dork like that. :P

I'll talk to you guys later! Peace. :)