Thursday, June 3, 2010

Better Be Soon :)

There's a lot I want to talk about in this post so I'll just cut to the chase. :) I have reached four hundred followers and that obviouslyy means I'm going to have to have a giveaway! Duh. That's the only thing that makes any sense at all.

I want to thank my readers and what better way than with free stuff? The prize isn't that big but I figured that everyone needs a good smelling car or room and who makes better smelly stuff than Bath and Body Works? Um, not that many people. So I went to the mall a while ago and picked up some stuff.
I'm giving away one Clip & Go Frangrance Unit in Caribbean Escape. :) I have a blue one in my car and the scent can be extremely powerful. But then again my car is a little Honda Civic and there isn't a lot of space for the smell to go. It works better in larger vehicles, like my mom's mini-van, but with smaller cars just be aware that the scent will be a tad bit overwhelming.

The contest will run for three weeks. I want to be out of school before it ends. And here are a few rules:

1. Have to be a follower
2. Don't have to be over eighteen
3. Write "enter me" in the comments and please put down your e-mail address
4. Optional: Comment about how you found out about my blog :)

The rules are pretty simple. And I know the prize is pretty simple. It's just a small thank you and is not meant to be a prize to entice people to follow me just so they can win. I hope you guys like the prize and if you don't I'm probably going to have a giveaway for 500 followers. And that one will be a lot more exciting than a chic car freshener. I promise!

Also before I publish this post I wanted to say something. I am obsessed! Obsessed with the cute Degrassi promo that I saw on Youtube. Yes, I watch Degrassi. I'm a sucker for teen dramas. :) And this promo is so cool plus it features one of my favorite songs.

Shark in the Water by VV Brown. It is so catchy and it was also featured on an episode of Ugly Betty (so bummed they cancelled that show. It was amazing!). I know I've mentioned this song before but I can't remember in which post. I can't wait until new episodes of Degrassi start up again!
Okay. I've talked long enough. I'll talk to you guys later! Bye. :)