Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Seventh Heaven

Just got home and I'm exhausted. The second part of a two part math final will do that to you. Sigh. It was a long day. Tomorrow I have a Japanese final. Only problem: I don't really speak Japanese. Wish me luck! :)

But enough about that. Its time to get to the fashion! Yes, scanning through the 7 For All Mankind website is fun and thrilling and most of all--relaxing. I've compiled a Lust List of my favorite things from the website. I couldn't fit in all the jeans I wanted to buy so I only posted about one. Do you own a pair of 7 jeans? If so write down in the comments about what type you have and what you think. :) I hope you enjoy.

7 For All Mankind Jeans are amazing. When I went to visit my Aunt's a while ago I actually got to visit an actual store. That's kind of a big deal considering where I live. :) I went with a girl named Brynn. And let me tell you she has amazing style.

I love her laid back, part rocker chic, and part girly-girl. I don't know exactly how to explain it but I absolutely LOVE her style. At the time I remember being so envious of her cool, collected confidence. But anyway, Brynn was the girl who opened my eyes to 7. Sorry for the random tangent most of you didn't care about. But I kind of got a little sentimental. :) I'm so excited to go back to my Aunt's this summer! Eeep! :D

Question. Do you enjoy window shopping or do you just see it as a form of torture? Comment below.