Friday, July 16, 2010

The Sigma Brushes

Here are all the brushes that come in the kit. And these are my thoughts on each one. Enjoy! :)

[note the brush fold does NOT come with the white numbers on them. I just put them there for a visual.]
Applies powder foundation and transcluscent powders. It is large and applies makeup very easily. Does shed a little but the shedding stops after its been washed a few times.
SS190 and SS187
Applies liquid foundation. I haven't been wearing liquid foundation this summer but I did want to try out this brush so I did wear some earlier this week. The brush applies evenly. But I perfer the SS187. Its just a personal preference. The SS187 gives an airbrushed finish and I love using this brush to apply my tinted moisturizer.

SS168 and SS194,
The SS168 applies blush (its an angled blush brush) and is great for contouring. <3 this brush. I use it everyday. And the SS194 is a concealer brush. Its the perfect size to fit under the eye to hide those unattractive dark circles some of [me included] have.
SS275 and SS252 and SS239
I decided to talk about these three brushes together because they're all very similar. The SS275 is the angled shading brush. I use this to put shadow on my brow and the inner corner. Sometimes I use it as a crease brush. Now the SS252 and SS239 are extremely similar, only the SS252 is a lot larger than the SS239. They're both shading brushes and it just depends on eye shape/size on which brush will do the better job.

SS266 and SS209
Both of these are liner brushes. The SS266 is the angled one. I personally perfer the SS209. I feel like I have a litte more control withe SS209 because it is smaller but my sister loves the SS266. So I've given it to her. Neither one is better than the other, it jsut depends on how you apply makeup.
SS224 and SS219
The SS224 is the tapered blending brush. Oh my gosh! I use this brush everyday. Everyday. It blends out harsh edges. Love it! :) And the SS219 is the pencil brush. I use it to apply shadow in the crease and outer corner. It can also be uses to smudge out liner for a smokey look.