Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"I Wrote You Everday For A Year!"

I'm really excited. :) I just put in a search bar so people can search my blog for anything. I don't know why I didn't have it before because its so hard to find things on my blog. Recently I did two posts that were about Victoria Beckham and my sister rolled her eyes.

She seems to be under the false impression that I post about her everyday. And I wanted to prove her wrong but it was hard going through all of them. Sigh. I'm a little lazy. So I added the search bar. Enjoy.

Oh, and just an update in about two weeks I'm heading to my grandma's for a week. My mom's side of the family all live in like a hundred mile radius of each other, so every year we go and visit them. :) If there's a long pause between posts, then at least you'll know why.
Here's my Polyvore inspired by my one of my favorite love stories. Sigh. The Notebook. Such a good movie. I feel in love with Ryan Gosling in that movie. :) Click here to see the details of the Polyvore.

I never read the book but I heard from a friend that it wasn't nearly as good as the movie. Which is weird because the book is almost always better than the movie. Did anyone read the book? What are your thoughts?

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