Monday, July 5, 2010

Hauling It

Haul Time!! :D I actually bought all this stuff a while ago. I've just been in summer mode and its taken me forever to take pictures Sigh. I'm sorry. But its not a huge haul but it was a large enough shopping spree to constitute a haul.

I don't know. :) I hope you enjoy. Its a MAC/ Victoria Secrets haul. Two of my favorite stores. I can literally spend two hours just in my Victoria Secret. Does that seem absolutely ridiculous? Comment below.

Okay, well enough of my rambling. I'm going to get started with the products from VS.

I know I should've taken a picture of the body sprays by themselves but at the time I didn't think about it. Now I'm regretting that I didn't. I really wanted to get this post up today and I don't have my camera with me, so...I'm going to have to make due with the pics I took earlier.

Sorry! :) Okay, so in the above picture from right to left. Watermelon Haze [favorite!], Punchadelic [sister's fave], and Berry Smooch.

I couldn't find these scents on the website though I'm not quite sure why. Maybe they've been discontinued? Maybe they haven't. Again, I'm not quite sure. If you do know maybe you should leave me a comment?

Okay onto the MAC. :) Yay!

For some reason, until this summer I was never into lipstick. I loved lipgloss! I adored lipgloss! And in my mind I sort of associated lipstick with my grandma. I don't know where that assciation came from but it just stuck. Then about two months ago I became obsessed with lipstick.

I mean it was getting pretty horrible so I stopped myself from buy lipsticks just on a whim. And I told myself I'd have to wait and only buy them if I really, really wanted them. So I feel in love with these three MAC lipsticks. I'm so behind the power curb. I know.

Most of you can probably tell what colors they are just by looking but in order from right to left: Myth, Viva Glam V, and Creme Cup. All amazing colors. I think my favorite out of the bunch would have to be Viva Glam V. Maybe Myth. It's a tie for me.

Although, Viva Glam V was voted top department store lipstick for the summer by Allure magazine readers. Fun fact. And it really is a beautiful color. I should've done swatches. I don't know where my head was today. Sorry. Again.

Oh, btw. I adore my grandma. I really do. :)

Next part of the haul is kind of boring mixed with a bit of fun. I got a paint pot in Painterly. Woo! Very exciting, I know. [note my sarcasm] But I adore Painterly. Its a basic that I think almost every girl should have.

Not very fun, but I did get something from the Back to the Beach collection. I procrastinated and waited to buy things until I absolutely loved them. Big Mistake! :) But I did get my hands on Shimmermoss. Simply adore the color. Plus, the packaging is so fun. From the picture you can see its a really great, beach-y, turquoise.

I use it as eyeliner mostly. But sometimes for fun I put in on my lids.

And...that's my haul. :) I haven't done one of these in a while. And I don't know why. Hauls are my favorite things to read about on blogs. I just hate when people don't have enough pictures like I do. Sorry! But I hope you enjoyed and see you guys soon.

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