Thursday, July 8, 2010

Oh, Like We Used To

I was driving to tennis today and I heard this song. I have become obsessed!! I don't know if you've guys have heard it but its called, Like We Used To by a band called A Rocket to the Moon. Oh, I love it. :) I'm a sucker for songs about lost love. What can I say?

Will he love you like I loved you? Will he tell you everyday? Will he make you feel like your invincible with every word he'll say?
Out of curisosity what songs are you listening to? Comment below. I love hearing from you guys.

Hmmm...maybe I should warn you that this is a random blog. I have so many of those. I know. :) But I feel that random blogs are so much fun for the reader [and the writer]. I hate having everything planned out. I'm the type of girl who just perfers to just go with the flow.

Travel where the wind takes me. Are you a planner?

Oh, I can't believe I almsot forgot. Oh my gosh, Lane! Where is your brain today? [Did I mention that it was over 90 degrees today? We actually set a record. Its never been this hot, this early in the year. So, yay to record setting weather!]

But, since it NEVER gets this hot barely anyone has air-conditioning where I live. I mean it makes no sense to pay all that money and then use it only one-and-a-half months. But fans are my friend right now. :) Okay, back on topic!

Lulu's is an online clothing company. It is featured in Seventeen Magazine every month. Whenever I'm flipping throught he fashion pages I'm always lusting after all the cute Lulu's clothes. I mean seriously if you flip through the latest issue of Seventeen Lulu's will be in there at least five or six times.

Don't believe me? Go check. :) I'm not even kidding. And now you can get 15% off you next purchase before July 30th! :) I'm so excited. I'm not getting paid for promoting this company, I'm not recieving any free prodcuts, and I'm not affliated with this company in any way.

I'm just thrilled that I'm able to bring this oppourtunity to my readers. :) All you have to do is enter VIVALAFASHION at checkout. [all caps] That's super easy! Right?

Don't forget to check out Lulu's and have a great summer night. I think it'll be hard getting to sleep with all this heat. Bye! Please comment and follow. :)