Thursday, March 11, 2010

Divine Diane

Diane is a stunning woman. I first noticed her in the movie, National Treasure and I couldn't help but notice. iin the movie she helped Nicholas Cage find a hidden treasure. But in real life Diane also helps Jason Wu bring his creations to life. I really want to see her latest movie with Brad Pitt. It looks really good. Have you seen it? If so, what did you think?

She has worn his work many, many times and every time she is stunning. Here is a look Diane's ability to make Jason Wu's beautiful clothing come to life. Recently I have become obsessed with Jason Wu. Sorry, if it seems like every other post I'm talking about him. He's just amazing. :D

At CFDA Awards in New York. Wearing Swarovski-embrodered Jason Wu Dress,
Tom Binns Bracelets, Strappy Heels and Roger Vivier Clutch.

At Neiman Marcus Preview of Spring 2010 Jason Wu Collection. Wearing One-Shouldered
 Jason Wu Cocktail Dress, Eddie Borgo Gem-Encrusted Bracelets, Satin Sandals,
and Black Clutch.

At 2010 SAG Awards. Wearing One-Shouldered Jason Wu Gown, Harry
Wintson Gems, and Kotur Clutch.

I love each look for a completely different reason. The black sleeve caps on the first looks is ingenious. And the print of the second look is stunning. I love, love the color of the final look. Its so rich and unexpected. :)

Who's your favorite designer? Have you ever heard of Jason Wu?

If you don't know already, Jason Wu was the man who designed Michelle Obama's Inaugural Ball gown. It was stunning. :)

Just watched the Eclipse trailer at Stephenie Meyer's website. Here's the link to her website. :) It looks really good! (Yes, I love Twilight) But I'm a little upset that they changed the girl who played Victoria. I'm not stupid I can tell that its not the same person. Duh...

I hate it when they do that. Just like what happened to the sequels to the Prince and Me. The first movie was cute. Sigh. Love European boys with adorable accents. :) But the next two movies sucked! Yuck. I couldn't even get through the second one. I couldn't believe it.

But whatever. Maybe I could try not to notice. Not like that could ever happen but there's always hoping...

Oh, well. Tennis practice was cut short due to rain. Darn the bi-polar weather and so I decided to run three laps to get some exercise in for the day. That way I can eat my bag of cheeto puffs with not as much guilt. Hahaha.

Have a nice almost weekend. Just think. One more day. (And for me, two more tests! ugh.) Bye. Please Comment and Follow! :D