Friday, March 26, 2010

Part Dos

Yum....I can smell the spaghettie sauce from my room. :) My mom's cooking right now and it smells soooo good. I can't wait!

Just a quick blog post before I go eat. I didn't run yesterday when our tennis match was cancelled. I was a little lazy/ I had to study for my math test. I wish I could go back to the time when math actually meant numbers. :/ Oh, well. My math teacher is super cool. He lets us turn in late assignments for full credit and only expects us to do like four to ten problems a night. And not super long problems either!

How cool is that? I really like my math teacher this year. :)

Here's Vanessa Hudgens with her Balenciaga Part Time Bag. I like these posts because they show how versitile one piece of clothing is. :) Enjoy!

Leaving Bristol Farms in Beverly Hills. Wearing Balenciaga Part Time Bag, Chan Luu
Wrap Bracelet, Soixante Neuf Hammered Ring, and Me & Ro Fearless
Slate Necklace in Gold.

In Westwood. Wearing Balenciaga Part Time Bag, Joie Suede Slouch Boots
 in Mushroom, and Wildfox Light Feather Black and Tan Raglan T-shirt.

Out in Napa Valley. Wearing Balenciaga Part Time Bag, Jimmy Choo Prarie
Sandals,  and Chan Luu Wrap Bracelet.

At LAX Airport. Wearing Balenciaga Part Time Bag, MM6 Strappy Sandals, and
Sweet Pea Dark Blue Floral Mesh Long Halter Dress.

I am obssesed with the song Hey, Soul Sister by Train. Its sooo good. :) "Hey, Soul Sister. Aint that Mister, Mister on the radio. On the Stereo. The you move ain't fair, ya know." <---That's me singing. Btw. ;) Hahaha.

My friend Maddy intorduced me this song. Just like I introduced her to Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Friendship is all about give and take, right? Have a great night/day. Peace out! :)