Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cobalt :)

This color is amazing! :) I'm in love. Hence the fact that I'm dedicating an entire blog post to it. It still doesn't overcome my favorite color (purple) but its a very close second. I just fell in love with Ashley's dress. :) Sigh.

Ashley Olsen at the InStyle and Warner Brothers Golden Globes After Party. Wearing
Erdem Minidress with cobalt Rhinestoned-Buckled Pumps.

Halle Berry at the London Premiere of Things We Lost in the Fire. Wearing Cobalt
Versace Gown and Amrapali of Jaipur Jewelry.

Ali Larter Pre-Emmy Party for Heroes. Wearing Satin Dress, Silver Jimmy
Choo Heels, and Diamond Bracelet.

Robin Wright Penn at Photocall for A Christmas Carol. Wearing Matthew Williamson
 Jacket from H&M, Simple White Tank, Strappy Sandals, and J Brand Black
Skinny Jeans.

I think I did really well on my math quiz. I actually understood the material. That's always good, right? :)

Tomorrow will be a relaxing day, I hope. Tonight I just have to continue to make my way through Brave New World. Which is surprisingly a good book. Despite its super weird/creepy/random parts. I like it.
Do any of you have sisters that like to pretend they're your mom? My sister totally just spent five minutes ranting and raving about how messy our shared bathroom was. Ugh. And I'm like, Hello? Half of the stuff on the counter is your stuf too! So frustrating...

She's my little sister too...Shouldn't I be the mother-like sister?

Anyway, just learned my cat can open doors. She's super smart, well obviously. I mean she can open doors. I thought this was the coolest thing ever. Are most cats able to open doors? Or is she just suuuper talented? Please tell me. I don't want to brag to all my friends and then learn that its completely normal.

Sigh. APUSH Test on Thursday. Yuck. :/ I got to get studying. Bye! :)