Monday, March 8, 2010

Jac Minus Jill

Jac, aka Monika Jagaciak, is stunningly beautiful! I love this girl's walk and her look. One word: Stunning!
According to IMG Models Jac is still in developement but with a contract as the face for Calvin Klein I don't think she'll be in development for long. :) Here are some shots from her French Vogue editorial.

In September 2009 Teen Vogue called Jac a rising star and I agree completely! Just hit up the half-priced bookstore and got sooo much stuff. Lately I have been obsesed with books. I literally have a pile of twelve books sitting next to my bed waiting to be read. (I just counted).

Sigh. I love reading. :) In some good news, I made the tennis team! Yay! Second cuts were today. Kind of nerve wracking. But I got through them alright. But it snowed today! It has snowed once this entire year. One time! We haven't even had a snow day. But then the crazy weather decides to snow once tennis starts.

Thanks weather woman for the warning. And then by the end of the day it was suuuper sunny. But then it hailed. Hmmmm....bipolar much? Hahahaha.

Do you like money? Do you like Lady Gaga. Well, then check out this post from Danielle at The General Specific. It made me smile. :)

Who's your favorite model? Do you appreciate bipolar weather as much as I do? Note my sarcastic tone. Please Comment and Follow! :D