Monday, March 29, 2010

Donna Martin is Back!

Hot steals under ten dollars! Just a look at the adorable things that a ten dollar bill can buy in this crazy world. They're all sooo cute! :) Enjoy!

L: F21 Gloria Necklace ($7.80)     R: F21 Pearl Center Flower Ring ($3.80)

Just sitting and chilling since its Spring Break! Enjoying a Tori and Dean marathon. :) This show is just sooo funny. Tori's hilarious. I read her book Mommywood on my flight this summer and it made me smile. I even wrote a blog post about the book! It was that good. I have her book sTori Telling on my bedside but I just haven't gotten around to reading it.

This show is so funny. I mean Tori, after all, is a self professed Queen of the Gays. Who doesn't love a show with Guncles (Gay Uncles) and Gay Husbands. :) Season five is going to premiere on Oxygen soon. I'm not quite sure when but its soon. If you know please comment below. :)

Peace out! Going to continue watching my marathon. :) Comment and Follow!