Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Favorite Victoria's Secret Angels!

The Victoria Secret's Fashion Show was on last night. At ten o'clock, two hours later than last year, due to complants from parents that this material is too racy for some younger viewers. Or at least that's what my VS Pink ethusiast sister told me this morning. But whether you loved it or hated it, it was a show-stopping event. Katy Perry was brilliant and all the angels looked amazing. Let's a take a look at some of our favorite angels, past and present.

Chanel Iman in Prabal Gurung [left] and Marc Jacobs [right].

One of the newest additions to the VS runway, Chanel Iman is a pro at walking. She has graced hundreds of runways in Paris, Milan, and New York. She is an all-American girl: born in Atlanta, Gerogia and raised in Los Angelos. But with a name like Chanel, this girl was destined for the fashion world. It was so sweet seeing her get her wings. :)

Miranda Kerr in a printed skirt and button-up top [left] and a bright orange dress [right].

Ms. Miranda Kerr is one of many who are currently part of the fashion baby boom. Her baby, the father being her husband Orlando Bloom, is said to be delivered in January 2011. This Austrailiam beauty is known for her sweet dimples in her cheeks and her long run as a VS model. Unfortunately, Miranda wasn't there to rock the runway. Being pregnant and all.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Burberry [left] and a grey/brown fur coat [right].

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley isn't too  familiar with American audience but that won't last for long. She was chosen to repalce Megan Fox in the popular Tranfsromers series, the latest of which will be blasting into theaters summer 2011. This British beauty has been in ads for Burberry and Victoria's Secret.

Heidi Klum in Jenny Packham [left] and a fitted bedazzled blazer [right].

One of the best known VS models. She's transformed her success on the runway to an even more successful brand. She hosts the ever popular Project Runway on Lifetime. And she and British singer Seal have four children together and Ms. Klum became a naturalized citizen of the United States in 2008. Unforntuately Ms. Klum has retired her wings. But we will miss her.

The lineup of angels doesn't stop there but I don't have the space, nor the time, to list every angel. That would be unrealistic. I picked my faves. Who is your favorite angel? Comment below. I'd love to hear from you!