Wednesday, December 22, 2010

How To: Wear Bold Color

The moment I saw Carey Mulligan in her bright, cobalt heels I knew that I had to post about those bad boys. And then I started to noticed that lately celebs have been loving adding a burst of unexpected color to their outfits with this electric color.

Carey Mulligan in a balck and white beaded dress [left] and Heidi Klum in printed mini [right].

Whether you want to add a pop with shoes both Heidi and Carrey know that these velvet cobalt pumps are the perfect accessory for their very color-less looks. A bold shoes is unexpected as they normally play a supporting role in outfits but these two looks are perfection.

Clemence Poesy in Louis Vuitton [left] and Blake Lively in a Pucci jacket and cobalt pants [right].

If shoes are too subtle for you, there are always skirts and the less obvious option--pants. Clemence looks wonderful in her bold skirt and sub-dued top and shoes. Then Blake looks stunning in her bright cobalt capris and padded shouldered golden jacket. People often forget about their bottom half when they're searching for ways to add color.  

Robin Wright Penn in a Matthew Williamson jacket, white tee, and skinny jeans [left]. Gwen Stefani in her own brand, L.A.M.B. [right].

A cobalt jacket is a celeb favorite. Choose a jacket that is fit properly. It will draw the eye to the top half of your body, giving you the chance to camoflauge any unwanted imperfections with black jeans. Throw on a white or black tee and the look is complete. Simple and effortlessly chic.

And this is the end of today's session. Leave any suggestions in the comments. They're really appreciated. And I'd like to thank all of my readers. Especially all the ones who have been with me from the begining. Thank you! And follow if you want to.