Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Riding with Charlotte Casiraghi

On the European continent, it is no secret that Charlotte Casiraghi has graced the shiny pages of the tabloids more than a couple times. Is it her stunning beatuy or her royal ties? Is it her strong determination or effortless charm that makes her so appealing?

Maybe it is the combination of all these factors. She is not as well known in the States but I blame that mostly on distance. Ms. Casiraghi was recently interview by Vicki Woods in Vogue. She came across as humble and charismatic. She was so impressive that I knew that there was no way I could not feature her in a post. I hope you enjoy.

The stunning Ms. Charlotte Casiraghi in a simple black tee and gold chain.

Casiraghi, in head to toe Gucci, with her horse Tintero.  

Casiraghi riding her stallion, Troy, wearing Special Gucci Collection.

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Pictures courtesy of Vouge.