Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Style Highlights: Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth has a new movie coming out, Warrior's Way. Yes. The incredibly beautiful Kate Bosworth will be coming to your theaters on December 3rd. The film is more of an action flick, not quite my style, but who knows? Style star Ms. Bosworth always looks stunning whether she's promoting her new movies or not. Need some examples? Just scroll down. :)

Kate Bosworth in Calvin Klein Collection [left] and ostrich skirt paired with sheer white blouse [right].

Kate's red pumps and red lips are stunning. Simple and bold at the same time. The nude dress is tight fitting and following the minimalistic trend that has been sweeping the runways. Very Calvin Klein. Add a simple clutch and the look in complete.

Kate loves red and she looks wonderful in it. The color of her skirt is unexpected with its rusty undertones. It is perfection juxtaposition with the crisp and clean lines of her button-down shirt. Her sleek, straight hair is simply  beautiful.

Kate Bosworth in Calvin Klein Collection [left] and a peacoat paired with dark-wash jeans [right].

Boho mixed with minimalism. No one does it better. Her side braid is unexpected and matches the asymmetrical look of her white Calvin Klein. Kate slipped on a pair of sandal heels as the final touch. Kate has beautiful red carpet style but here's a look at her street style. Simple jeans, pointy-toe flats, an over sized camel bag, and black pea coat complete the look.

I'm a little dizzy as I write this. Today I donated blood for the first time. It hurt but I feel so much better. It's not everyday that I save a life and there's no better feeling. Ever donated blood? I suggest that you do. It's quick. You don't need money and you're helping someone who desperately needs it. Mini speech over. I'll get off my soap box. :)

Oh, please scroll down to read my second post of the day. :) I know. I'm so ambitious.