Sunday, December 19, 2010

Rachel Zoe: The Red Carpet

Rachel Zoe. Fashionista. Mother-to-be. 2011 has been a busy year for this reality TV star. And she still manages to look effortless on any and all red carpets she appears on. I know. Sometimes life's not fair. :)

Rachel Zoe in a coloful blazer and capris [left] and Armani [right].

Rachel mixes an unexpected balzer and top with classic capri pants and black shoes. That is what makes Rachel's styling so stunning--the mix of the expected and unexpected. Rachel likes statement pieces that that top/jacket combination is deffinately to die for. Next, Armani is classic and timeless. The assymetrical neckline lets the conservative Rachel show a little skin without showing too much.

Rachel Zoe in a vest-dress and tights [left] and a sequined top and capri pants [right].

I think most people have heard of shirt-dresses but I think the vest-dress is relatively unknown. Rachel Zoe shows us why the vest-dress might soon take off. The sleek black piping is stunning and is a beautiful constant to the pristine white fabric. In the next look Rachel takes a bit more commercial look. This sparkly top is beautiful and is perfect for the holidays.

I'm going to post this tomorrow since I'll be off ice-skating and might not have time to blog. I'm in the mood to blog so you might just find two posts when you wake up tomorrow [by the time you're reading this, today]. Thank you for reading. If you liked what I wrote, please follow my blog for more. Happy Holidays!