Sunday, December 12, 2010

Anna Paquin: Vamps Have Style Too

  You may know Anna Paquin from her role in the X-Men trilogy, or for her Academy Award winning role in The Piano [she was eleven]. But her most current claim to fame is her role as Sookie Stackhouse in the successful TV-series, True Blood.

She has had both commercial and critical acclaim. Not always the easy in the fickle world of Hollywood. She has been both a blonde and a brunette since her days as a child star. And her fashion has evolved from little girl to confident and capable woman. 

Anna Paquin in Proenza Schouler [left] and Marios Schwab [right].

Anna sizzles in a two-toned Proenza Schouler look. Who said blue leather was a bad thing? Those people have obviously never seen this creation. Her makeup is dark and sexy--fitting since she's at the season three premiere of True Blood. The look is undeniably edgy. Her hair is stringy and looks like she just rolled out of bed. The simple heels, clutch, and bangles don't take any attention for this scene stealing number. Perfection!!

This Marios Scwab dress is right on trend with the digital print. The reds, blues, and black could easily overwhelm Anna's small frame but she pulls the look together with soft, tousled waves and simple makeup. The diamond necklace is a bit much because this dress makes such an impact, it doesn't really need accessories. But her shoes were the perfect choice. They're made up of straight lines that wonderfully contrast the chaos of the digital print.

Anna Paquin in a striped shirt and billowy mini-skirt [left] and a single shoulder red sheath [right].

Anna is perfectly laid back as she takes her dog out for a walk. The hairband keeps her locks out of her face but is much more appropriate than a bun or pony tail. Her striped top is nautically inspired and looks as if it was made to be worn with her navy blue mini skirt. The silver flats--bot practical and fashion--add a bit of excitement to a mostly neutral look.

This look is a knock-out. From the fit, to the cut, to the color. There is nothing about this dress that is subtle. It demands attention in a great way. She threw it into a messy bun with a wisps of hair to frame her face. This shows off the amazing cut of this gown; highlighting Anna's toned arms and shoulders. Finally Anna threw on a simple pair of black pumps because that was all her outfit needed.

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