Sunday, February 14, 2010

In Love With Love

Hola, ladies.

In the March issue of Seventeen magazine, the one with Lauren Conrad on the cover, there is a coupon for free samples of VS PINK's perfumes. So yesterday my sister and I headed to our nearest VS PINK store with our Seventeen Magazine and picked up the free samples.

You got three tiny, and by tiny I mean tiny, containers of LIVE PINK (Yellow), WISH PINK (Pink), and HOPE PINK (Blue). My favorite scent is LIVE PINK. I think I might even get a bottle of the full container but I haven't decided yet.

Isn't the container so cute? I love it. :)

This offer is only available while supplies last and I don't think every VS PINK is participating. So be sure to check online before you go. But its free perfume.

Random thought but do you ever notice that if soemthing is free you want it. Like if I'm at a fair and they're handing out free things, I grab everything even though I know I won't use it. When things are free they're just so much more appealing.

It was kind of awkward because the lady I talked to about the free samples had no idea what I was talking about. :) Let's just say it took a while to find and get the free samples.

Today I went shopping with my dad because he waited to the last minute to buy his Valentine's Day gift for my mom. sigh. :) When will guys learn? I have no plans for Valentine's Day other than watching a ton of chick flicks and then tomorrow I'm off to a friend's hosue to work on a school project.

What's the point of having a four day weekend if one of the days must be dedicated to finishing a school project. Urgh. :(

Just a fun, quick question. But are you a romantic or a cynic? I'm just curious. :) Please Comment below. :)
Happy Valentine's Day!! :D