Thursday, February 25, 2010

Back in Black

I just recently bought a pair of black jeans from Forever 21. :) I'm really, really excited. I can't believe I didn't own a single pair of black jeans. Its crazy. Have I mentioned that Forever 21 is one of my favorite stores? Sigh. Love that place. Where do you love to shop? :)

I also really like American Eagle Jeans. :) Yay! Did you notice that Bella in New Moon got her jeans from American Eagle? I can't remember what scene it was...but I do remember getting really excited in the movie theater because I recognized the brand from the design on the butt pocket. Fun Jean Fact of the Day, I guess. Idk.

Anway, I love these ladies who definately know how to rock the adorable black jeans. So cute. :)

Sara Paxton at a Cinema Society Screening of 500 Days of Summer. Wearing Black Skinny
Jeans, Simple Black Tank, Grey Pasmina, Chloe Bag, and Gucci Belt.

Rachel Bilson Walking in Los Angelos. Wearing a Boyfriend Blazer, Botton-Down
Blouse, Black Jeans, Jane Mayle Boots, and Derek Lam Bag.

Kate Moss out in London. Wearing Louis Vuitton SC Suede Bag, Kate Moss for Topshop
Open Weave Jumper in Grey, and Superfine Chevron Liberty Skinny Jeans.

Kate Mara at the Los Angelos Launh of DJ Hero. Wearing White Leather Jacket,
Chain-Detailed Shirt, Skinny Black Jeans, and Fringed Shoes.

Make It or Break It was on Monday! Yay! :) I love this show. Maybe its because when I was in third grade I was convinced that I was going to be an Olympic Gymnast. Well...that obviously never happened. :) Oh, well I can live vicariously through these girls.

I love watching gymnastics during the summer Olympics. I think, quite possibly, its my favorite event. :)

And when will Ten Things I Hate About You  be back on? I really liked that show. :) And the movie is super good too! Bianca kind of reminds me of my sister. In a good way! :) You know I love you Ki!

Bye! I have to get my things ready for tomorrow. Ugh. School. :/