Friday, February 12, 2010

Part Time Job

Have you guys heard the song, "Need You Now" by Lady Antebellum? Right now, I am like obsessed with this song. Like, seriously. Even though I'm not usually into country music (well, other than Taylor Swift) I really like this song. Its so catchy. Need you know....

Well, here's another "I Love My...." post. It features Vanessa Hudgens and her Balenciaga Part Time Bag.

Walking to a Business Meeting in L.A. Wearing  a Balenciaga Part Time Bag,
Unknown Tights and Black Coat.

Out on Valentine's Day. Wearing Balenciaga Part Time Bag, Louis Vuitton Key and Change
Holder, Urban Outfitters PE V-Neck Tee, Unknown Red Cardigan, Skinny Jeans, and Ballet Flats.

Out Shopping with Ashley Tisdale. Wearing Balenciaga Part Time Bag, Gara Danielle 162
Inch Chain with Black Onyx and Bronze Pearl, Lovely Simple Long Kint Cardigan.

Out with Her Mom on New Years' Day. Wearing Belnciaga Part Time Bag, Unknown
Skinny Jeans, Scarf, Jacket and Silver Ballet Flats.

On a side note, why do I find cheesy dance/cheer movies so entertaining? I mean the Bring It On Series and the Step Up Movies have so much cheese in them but I still love them. I'm just sitting here watchin Step Up 2. Its currently at the intense part where the MSA Crew is battling it out in the streets.

I know, my movie taste is extremely gansta. Hahaha. :) A small part of me wishes that I could do flips or break dance. But I realize that I'm too afraid of breaking my neck to do that kind of stuff. Oh, well. :)

Peace Out. Have a great weekend. Please Comment! :)