Sunday, February 28, 2010

Zac Attack!

This will be my last post for February 2010. Wow. It seems like just last week I was celebrating the New Year and I'm already 1/6 of the way through 2010. Weird...

Well, anyway this is the kind of post that is created when you mix the movie 17 Again  and internet surfing. :) He is really cute in that movie. I didn't get it when I watched HSM but now I finally see it. :)
These are some pictures from Zac's Nylon Guys shoot from October 2009. I love Nylon Magazine! Oh, this is kind of a short and random post but try to enjoy. :) His eyes are sooo blue!

Zac came out with a movie recently...Me and Orson Wells. Is it any good? I was just wondering. I you haven't read the Zac Efron article yet and want to, just click on this link.

Just putting some finished touches on an English Essay that's due tomorrow and then I'm going to go plant some flowrs in the front/back yard. :) My mom bought me a rose yesterday its called Ebb Tide. Its a pretty, deep, purple color.

This is really weird but the summer of fourth grade year I was obsessed with flowers. Like if my mom and I went to Wal-mart or Costco I wouldn't ask for a toy...I'd ask for a plant. Have I mentioned I was a really weird kid? :) Hahahah. Anyway, then that Winter I didn't like going outside to water the plants (its was too cold) and then they all died. That was the end of my planting episode.

But I think I can do better this time around. I hope... :)
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