Friday, December 3, 2010

The Rachel Zoe Baby Project!

I blogged about Rachel Zoe's pregnancy before it was officially announced. I know. I know. That's bad journalism--if you can ever call what I do journalism. But I was too excited at the prospect of a baby Zoe. Anyway, now I don't have to use the words "allegedly" when I'm talking about it. Here's a look at the clothes a baby girl Zoe would inherit. Lucky.

Rachel Zoe in Marc Jacobs [left] and Chanel [right].

Rachel shimmers in this marvelous Marc Jacobs number. Zoe went to support her good friend in his own design. Long sleeves on a gown can easily look matronly but with the low cut top and the high middle slit keeps the dress look young and fresh. No jewelry, a black clutch, and a heels keep the look stylish.

Chanel is effortless, classic, and iconic. And Rachel is all of those things in this black garmet. Her signature blonde waves are the only bit of color in this monochormatic look. But what it lacks in color it makes up for in beautiful construction.

Rachel Zoe in Emilio Pucci [left] and Calvin Klein [right].

Emilio Pucci is known for his brilliant uses of prints. And this look on Rachel is no expcetion. The floorsweeping length is so glamorous and elgant. A clutch and bold bangle is all she needs to complete the look.

Calvin Kelin is effortless, simple, and clean lines. This jumper is exactly that. The olive green color is a nice unexpected neutral. Throw on a jacket and Rachel would look amazing in the cold winter weather and yet she reminds everyone of spring on the inside. Lovely.

I hope that Rodger and Rachel have a beautiful baby. I'm a huge fan of their show and they've been talking about having one for a long time now. Does anyone know when the next season of The Rachel Zoe Project set to premiere on Bravo? Comment below!