Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fashion Baby Boom!

Is there something in the water? Because there have been a fashion baby boom! Who recently gave birth? Continue reading to find out.
In case you haven't heard Stella McCartney, vegan designer extroidinaire gave birth to a young girl last week. This will be her fourth child with her publisher husband, Alasdhair Willis. The McCartney clan's newest addition, Reiley, will join brothers, Miller [5] and Beckett [2], and sister, Bailey [3]. All four children were born in London.

McCartney is known for her distaste for using animal products, such as leather, in the making of her clothing. If you are vegan Stella's line is a great option for you. But Stella McCartney wasn't the only fashionista welcoming a beautiful baby into the world.

Nina Garcia, Project Runway judge and fashion director of Marie Claire, has also given birth to a child. This past weekend Nina Garcia gave birth to her second boy, Alexander David Conrad. This will be the second child for Nina Garcia and David Conrad, their other son, Lucas Alexander Conrad was born in early 2007.

Reports say that this will not interfere with Nina's role as judge on the popular Lifetime show, seen above with fellow host Michael Kors. This is a make it work moment. Tim Gunn would be proud.

Both women and babies are doing fine. But while the Hollywood baby boom is starting to show signs of decreasing, babies in the fashion world show no signs of stopping. McCartney and Garcia have our best wishes. Leave your thoughts in the comments below!