Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Harry Potter/Twilight Wedding?

No. No. Do not worry. There has been no horrible cross contamination between these two box-office hits. Or at least not when it comes to the silver screen. But what happens off the screen is a totally different story.

Bonnie Wright in a grey leather jacket paired with black skinny jeans [left] and in Alexander McQueen [right].

It has been largely rumored that Bonnie Wright--budding British fashionista--is engaged to Jamie Campbell Bower, Caius from the Twilight Saga. And yes, that's him the upper-left picture. Doesn't ring a bell? Well, you have another chance to see him in the up-coming final installment of Harry Potter as Gellert Grindelwald.

The couple has yet to confirm their engagement and Bonnie has even gone as far as denying it but the rumors are still flying. I have become newly obsessed with Bonnie's young, often times black, style. Emma Watson is not the only fashionista on the set of HP. Emma had better look out. [jk]

Bonnie Wright in a chunky sweater over a white dress [left] and in Prada [right].

On one hand she can look casual and slightly grunge-esque [no, not the movie] with a knitted sweater over a white dress and red felt heels over black socks. So unexpected. So chic. But on the other hand she can look glamorous, like she stepped right out of old Hollywood.

I loved this interview she did with Nylon Magazine. She seemed so humble and sweet--despite the fact that  she was famous practically from birth [excuse my hyperbole]. Did she appear in Nylon but I just missed it? Please leave any thoughts, concerns, or ideas in the comments. I love hearing from you guys!

For those of you who live in America, Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you eat lots of stuffing and turkey and pies. Yum. I love pies. Especially pecan. :)