Monday, November 29, 2010

Style Highlights: Diane Kruger

This German beauty may look very familiar. She's most known for her role as Dr. Abigail Chase in the National Treasure films. You only have to wait a year for the next film to smash into theathers in the winter of 2011. Only a year. :) That's no wait at all.

But she's the face of Calvin Klein's fragrance line, Beauty. Which is fitting because Diane is drop dead gorgeous. There has to be a reason why she was cast of Helen of Troy in the Brad Pitt film, Troy. And there is also her amazing sense of style.

Diane in Chanel [left] and in navy blue shorts and a pale blue button up top [right].

Diane shimmers in Chanel. Pun intended. There is no doubt that this dress wasn't the perfect dress for her to wear to this occasion. As a personal friend to Karl Lagerfeld, he has to feel a personal responsibility to make her look effortless. Next, Diane looks a bit casual in a fun button down with a menswear bow-tie. Except not in the usual place one would expect a bow.

Diane in a black and white striped dress [left] and soft forest green mini [right].

Diane pairs her diagnollay striped dress with the perfect unexpected assessory. And no I'm not her man but rather than hot pink clutch. She decided to sweep her long blonde hair into a simple bun with a few wisps left free. In the next look the atherial feel of the dress will make any fashionista sigh. Its fitted top and loose skirt is just stunning! And those chunky shoes with intriquate cutoutts are beautiful.

I'm really excited because I have just been in a blogging spree. This is the third complete post that I've written today. One of them I'll save for tomorrow but I decided that I'd post two today. I know! That's crazy, right? I don't think I've ever posted two in one day. So this is a Viva la Fashion first. Continue down for a post about supermodel Karlie Kloss.