Friday, November 19, 2010

LC Returns to TV

Remember when Lauren Conrad got her start on Teen Vogue? That was such a long time ago. So many boyfriends. So many episodes. So many Heidi Montags ago. :) Now, this shining star is back where she got her start.

"For the first time, they're going to actually acknowledge the fame that goes along with the show...[but] it's not going to revolve around my personal life."

"I watch a little reality now, and while I know it's been partially ruined for me because I've been through the process, I think the format has become too beautiful and perfect. It doesn't look or feel real anymore."
"I still wear giant ones even though glasses are shrinking," she professes, "because I have a jack-in-the-box face. It's like when people would carry huge bags because they were convinced they made them look thinner."

I love the fifties-inspired shoot. And that dog is just down-right adorable. :) Her book, Lauren Conrad Style is on the top of my "must buy" lists and I can't wait for her new MTV reality show to premiere. Through all the drama Lauren has always managed to stay classy and clean of a bad image--unlike some of other cast mates. I don't need to mention names.

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