Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tika Putri

Mini Biography of Tika Putri

Princess Tika Hastari or more fondly called Tika Prince began his career in film began with a friend's invitation to attend the casting.

The art world seems to have been familiar to women born in Bandung, 1 November 1989, since the kid had to cultivate the arts of dance. Tika expert in modern dance and salsa.

Although a newcomer, Tika has starred in several movies such as, Wanita Berkalung Sorban, Ketika Cinta Dia, OH .. MY GOD and SI JAGO MERAH.

Besides movies, Tika also play a role in the soap operas and TV shows Yasmin Coffee Bean SHOW. Tika also appeared on the soap opera Air Mata Cinta (2009) as well as Jelita.

Although a career in acting, but the faculty of Business Management student Bina Nusantara Jakarta has a dream career in fashion. CODE X universe movie star plans to take a fashion school to support his ideals.

Tika also began to wrestle the presenter, to become one derings music presenter on Trans TV.

In May 2009, Tika again believed to be a major star in movies QUEEN BEE.

Cinta Dua Hati stars have had a less pleasant experience. Starting during the fasting month of 2009, he received a text message from his fans, initially still SMS fine, but it will eventually become a threat to Tika. Even threatening to kill him. Unfortunately, he could not report this, because under contract with a pH that is not mandated to deal with the Police. He also apologized for the mistake he had done on the peneror, and asked him to stop the threat, because it is quite disturbing.

Acting on a flexible film made Tika QUEEN BEE nominated in the category Gold Cup Screen Best Female Main actors compete with Ati Kanser, Atiqa Hasiholan, Fanny Fabriana, and Leony at IMA 2010.