Sunday, November 21, 2010

Olivia Lopez Jensen

This time I want to review a new star in the film Indonesia named Oliv. Full name is Olivia Lopez Jensen started his career in the world model and present on screen the first time in movie theaters Bukan Cinta Biasa.
This is the first time experience and started his career in cinema with a nice big screen. Oliv which child to 2 of 3 brothers from Benny Jensen and Viverina Lopez is good in terms of design and traveling hobby.
Sweet virgin birth 11 April 1993 in Jakarta was not suppose to be the main actor in this movie. Especially now he's still stepping on a grade 2 student at Bandung. Do'i are looking forward to getting roles in action films have a brother Daniel Jensen and twin sister Sabrina. Uncertain conjoined twins but similar ato not like dikitlah.
Here's a photo gallery that I quoted from 21cineplex.