Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Aura Kasih

Sanny Aura Syahrani (born in Bandung, February 23, 1988, age 22 years), better known by the name Aura Kasih is an Indonesian singer.


Aura Kasih began her career as Miss Indonesia 2007 finalist representing the province of Lampung. Seducer Angel album is released in the year 2008 with the main song called Let Me Love You. This song is known for its singles dance-hall.
Now Aura try acting by playing in the movie Two Diana Asmara. The film was released in December of 2008. In this film, in addition to clashing roles, Aura also sing the soundtrack to this movie. Movie soundtrack was launched in December 2008 with the headline Peak Asmara. 

Personal Life

In love life, Aura was reportedly close to vocalist Samsons, Bams Samsons. In fact he is considered as the cause of cracks from the group of households Pasha Ungu. Most recently, Aura had reportedly clashed with actress Luna Maya due to fight singer Ariel, Peterpan singer, but eventually the two artists are denied the existence of disputes between them.


  • Malaikat Penggoda (2008)
  • Puncak Asmara (2009)


  • Asmara Dua Diana (2009)
  • Persona Cinta Biasa (2010)