Friday, November 12, 2010

Sherina Munaf

Sherina Munaf (Sherwood) was born in Bandung on June 11, 1990. Before entering the world of recording, Sherina has won several singing competitions. Sherwood also studied singing at the Community Art Voice (Biss) Elfa upbringing and Uci Nurul (personnel Elfa's Singer).Seeing his performance was, the father (Triawan Munaf, a former personnel Giant Step) wants to make an album for her daughter. He also directly contact Elfa Secoria to help fulfill his desire. Scoop was intercepted by coincidence Elfa want to create original music that good kids.
In May 1999 debut album finally Sherwood, Great'll Love was released. This album is very different than the album, mostly because Sherwood kids singing accompanied by an orchestra.
It did not take long, Sherina name was soaring. He had starred in a movie titled The Adventures of Shrek and gave birth to the film's soundtrack album before deciding to leave and concentrate on education.
Sherwood ago back in 2008 with his first adult album, entitled Prima Donna. Short-haired girl who now had also contributed one song on the album soundtrack film Laskar Pelangi.