Monday, November 8, 2010

"Ignite the Light and let it Shine!"

Katy Perry has Kissed a Girl, been a California Gurl, and is many boys' Teenage Dream. But now she's a Firework. Or at least that's what her latest single of her album, Teenage Dream, is. I saw the video and fell in love. And the song isn't that bad either. [jk]

Now, let's a take a look at her fashion. :)

Katy Perry in a sheer print dress [left] and Karl Lagerfeld [right].

This sheer print is not what most people expect Katy Perry to wear. Afterall, she's been sporting Lady Gaga-esque ensembles as of late. But this simple and etherial dress is a nice change of pace. The print is manipulated to perfection and she wisely chose not to chose any accessories that would over power the dress. But, in typical Katy fashion, she threw on a pair of tuquoise pumps.

This is more Katy. It is hard, edgy and structured. The harsh shoulders are fashion-forward and a risk-taker, just like the woman wearing the dress. She smartly chose to pick a pair of shoes that were as sculptural as the dress. They compliment each other. Her sense of humor shines through her bag with Karl Lagerfeld's face on it. Nice choices, Katy.

Katy Perry in a crystal-encrusted bustier dress [left] and Jenny Packham [right].

Next, Katy adds a bold print to the mix. The way the crytsal are applied to the bustier actually creates the illusion that Katy is smaller than she actually is--not that she really needs the help. The print is smartly used; fashion is supposed to make women look their best. The rest of the outfit is pretty monochromatic, letting the fitted top take center stage. But the single accent of sparkle in her mid-arm bangle adds more demension to the outfit without overwhelming the eye.

Katy looks stunning in this Jenny Packham look. It is glamourus--Katy loves to wear things that sparkle and shine. This dress highlights Katy's amazing legs and toned arms. She has an amazing body and she should show it off--and she does in a classy, yet sexy way. Her purple velvet pumps add texture and interest to her look. I want those pumps.

Well, this is the end of the post. What did you think of Katy's new single? What did you think of her style? Comment below!!